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M - Arcane Budget Account {eng}
M - Mach Number (velocity relative to the speed of sound) {eng}
M - Maintainability {eng}
M - Major Cycle {eng}
M - Male {eng}
M - Mandatory (Apollo) {eng}
M - Manual {eng}
M - Mass {eng}
M - Matrix {eng}
M - Mean Anomaly {eng}
M - Medium {eng}
M - mega (106) {eng}
M - Mercury {eng}
M - Messier (astronomy; catalogue) {eng}
m - meter /also meter(s)/ (SI unit of length; ISS) {mul}
m - micro (10-6; wrong, correct μ) {eng}
M - Middle {eng}
M - MIKE (military phonetics alphabet) {eng}
M - mikrofon (ISS) [М - микрофон] {rus}
m - milli (10-3) {eng}
M - Million(s) {eng}
M - Missile {eng}
M - Missing (Data) {eng}
M - Mobile (50 SW/CC) {eng}
M - Mockup {eng}
M - Modified {eng}
M - moment zatjažki (ISS) [М - момент затяжки] {rus}
M - Monitor (MON preferred) {eng}
M - Number of Revolutions Required for the Rendezvous {eng}
M&C - Maintenance and Checkout {eng}
M&C - Memphis and Charleston Railroad {eng}
M&C - Monitor and Control (panel) {eng}
M&CE - Manifesting and Cargo Engineering {eng}
M&D - Maintenance and Depot {eng}
M&F - Materials and Facilities {eng}
M&I - Management and Integration {eng}
M&LC - Mission and Launch Control {eng}
M&M - Materials and Maintenance {eng}
M&O - Maintenance and Operations (NASA) {eng}
M&P - Manpower and Personnel (USSPACECOM/J6N) {eng}
M&P - Materials and Processes (STS; NASA) {eng}
M&P - Materials and Processing {eng}
M&PL - Materials and Process Laboratory {eng}
M&R - Maintenance and Refurbishment {eng}
M&R - Maintenance and Repair (50 CES) {eng}
M&RF - Maintenance and Refurbishing Facility {eng}
M&RO - Maintenance and Refurbishment Operations {eng}
M&S - Materials and Structures {eng}
M&S - Modeling and Simulation (USAF) {eng}
M&T - Manufacturing and Test {eng}
M&T - Mission and Threat {eng}
M&TE - Measurement and Test Equipment {eng}
M() - Material Dispersion Coefficient {eng}
M* - Milstar (50 SW/CC) {eng}
M+R - Maintenance and Refurbishment {eng}
M+R - Maintenance and Repair {eng}
M- - Time in Days Before Move Operations {eng}
M-A - Mercury-Atlas (USA) {eng}
M-FUS - Mid Fuselage (STS) {eng}
m-kg - Meter-Kilogram {eng}
M-M-L-S - Model-Modes-Loads-Stresses {eng}
M-POSA - Microgravity Payload Operations Area {eng}
m. d. t. - Mountain Daylight Time {eng}
m. r. e. - Mean Radial Error {eng}
M/D - Meteoroid/Debris {eng}
m/day - meters per day {eng}
M/DD - Mate/Demate Device (STS) {eng}
M/F - Maintenance Factor {eng}
M/I - Minimum Impulse (Apollo) {eng}
M/L - Maintenance Loop {eng}
M/LR - Maintenance Loop Recorder {eng}
M/OD - Meteoroid/Orbital Debris (ISS) {eng}
M/P - Main Parachute {eng}
m/r - Missiles and Rockets {eng}
M/R - Mixture Ratio (Fuel to Oxidizer) {eng}
M/S - Main Stage {eng}
M/S - Mainstage {eng}
M/S - Measurement Stimuli {eng}
m/s - meter(s) per second {eng}
M/S - Mission Station (STS; NASA) {eng}
m/s/s - meters per second per second {eng}
M/SCI - Mission/Safety Critical Item {eng}
M/SCT - Mission/Safety Critical Time {eng}
M/T - Migration Tracking (AFSCN) {eng}
M/U - Mockup {eng}
M00 - Missile Operations Officer {eng}
m3 - cubic meter(s) {eng}
M50 - Mean of 1950 (Coordinate System; NASA; STS) {eng}
MA - Maintenance Ability {eng}
MA - Maintenance (STS) {eng}
MA - Martin Ablator {eng}
MA - Massachusetts (USA; state) {eng}
MA - Master {eng}
MA - Master Alarm {eng}
MA - Material Authorization {eng}
MA - Mechanical Assembly (STS; ISS) {eng}
MA - Mercury-Atlas /also Mercury Atlas/ (USA) {eng}
MA - Metabolic Analyzer {eng}
mA - Microampere(s) /also Microamp(s)/ ([sic!] correct symbol is μA; 10-6 A) {eng}
MA - Middeck Act {eng}
MA - Mike Amplifier {eng}
mA - milliampere(s) (10-3 A) {eng}
MA - Missed Approach {eng}
MA - Missile Assembly {eng}
MA - Mission Analysis {eng}
MA - Mission Area (CSOC) {eng}
MA - Mission Assignment {eng}
MA - Multiaccess (NASA; STS) {eng}
MA - Multiple Access (NASA) {eng}
MA&P - Maintenance Analysis and Planning {eng}
MA&T - Manufacturing Assembly and Test {eng}
MAA - Mathematical Association of America {eng}
MAA - Maximum Authorized Altitude {eng}
MAA - Mechanical Arm Assembly {eng}
MAA - Metal Aerosol Analyzer {eng}
MAA - Missile Assembly Area {eng}
MAA - Mission Area Analysis (NDS) {eng}
MAA - Mission Area Assessment (USAF) {eng}
MAAB - Materials Applications Advisory Board {eng}
MAAM - Medium Antiaircraft Missile {eng}
MAAPP - Manufacturing Assessment and Planning Package {eng}
MAAR - Monthly Associate Administrator's Report {eng}
MAAR - Monthly Associate Administrator's Review {eng}
MAARS - Monthly Associate Administrators Reporting System {eng}
MAAT - Mean Annual Air Temperature {eng}
MAATS - Military Automated Air Traffic System (C4SMP) {eng}
MAB - Master Acquisition Bus {eng}
MAB - Materials Advisory Board {eng}
MAB - Materials Application(s) Board {eng}
MAB - Mechanical Automation Breadboard {eng}
MAB - Missile Assembly Building {eng}
MABES - Magnetic Bearing Flywheel Experimental System {eng}
MAC - Macintosh {eng}
MAC - Main Display Console {eng}
MAC - Maintenance Advisory Committee {eng}
MAC - Maintenance Allocation Chart {eng}
MAC - Management Action Center {eng}
MAC - Materials and Coatings {eng}
MAC - Maximum Allowable Concentration {eng}
MAC - Maximum Concentration of Organic(s) {eng}
MAC - Mean Aerodynamic Chord {eng}
MAC - Media Access Control (AFSC2S) {eng}
MAC - Medium Access Control (sublayer) {eng}
MAC - Message Authentication Code {eng}
MAC - Military Airlift Command (AFSPC/XP) {eng}
MAC - Missile Advisory Committee (USA) {eng}
MAC - Monitor and Control {eng}
MAC - Multi Instrument Aircraft Campaign (astronomy) {eng}
MAC - Multi-sensor Air Campaign {eng}
MAC - Multiaccess Computer {eng}
MACA - Modular Automatic Conference Arranger (C4SMP) {eng}
MACAWS - Multicenter Airborne Coherent Atmospheric Wind Sensor {eng}
MACC - Modular Air Control Center (C4SMP) {eng}
MACDS - Monitor and Control Display System {eng}
MACE - Mechanical Antenna Control Electronics {eng}
MACE - Middeck Active Control Experiment (experiment; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MACET - Modular Algorithm Concept Evaluation Tool (USAF) {eng}
Mach - Mach Number (velocity relative to the speed of sound) {eng}
MACH - Mach Number (velocity relative to the speed of sound) {eng}
MACH - Machine {eng}
MACHO - Massive Compact Halo Object (astronomy) {eng}
MACI - Monitor, Access, and Control Interface {eng}
MACO - Major Assembly Checkout {eng}
MACOM - Major Command {eng}
MacOS - Macintosh Operating System {eng}
MACR - Mute Activated Camera Response {eng}
MacRee - Modeling and Analysis of Cosmic Ray Effects Electronics {eng}
MACRO - Merge and Correlate Recorded Output (Program) {eng}
MACS - Marshall Access Control System {eng}
MACS - Medium Altitude Communications Satellite {eng}
MACS - Modular Attitude Control System /also Modular Attitude Control Subsystem/ {eng}
MACSAT - Multiple Access Communication Satellite (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
Macsat - Multiple Access Communications Satellite {eng}
MACSS - Medium Altitude Communications Satellite System (USA) {eng}
MACT - Maximum Achievable Control Technology {eng}
MAD - Madrid (Spain) (STDN Site, 1st Antenna; DSN Site; Apollo) {eng}
MAD - Magnetic Anomaly Detector {eng}
MAD - Maintenance Analysis Data {eng}
MAD - Maintenance, Assembly and Disassembly {eng}
MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction /also Mutual Assured Destruction/ (USAF) {eng}
MADC - Multiplexer Analog to Digital Converter /also Multiplexer Analog-to-Digital Converter/ {eng}
MADEV - MAF Development Domain {eng}
MADIZ - Military ADIZ [=Air Defense Identification Zone] (C4SMP) {eng}
MADMEL - (Power) Management And Distribution System for the More Electric aircraft (USAF) {eng}
MADRE - Magnetic-Drum Receiving Equipment (USA) {eng}
MADRE - Manufacturing Data Retrieval System {eng}
MADS - Militarized Advanced Disk System (Milstar) {eng}
MADS - Modeling and Analysis Data Set {eng}
MADS - Modular Auxiliary Data System (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MAE - Mean Absolute Error {eng}
MAE - Missile Airborne Equipment {eng}
MAE - Missile Assembly Equipment {eng}
MAEB - Material Application Evaluation Board {eng}
MAEP - Minimum Autoland Entry Point {eng}
MAET - Missile Accident Emergency Team {eng}
MAF - Manhour Availability Factor (AFR 55-15) {eng}
MAF - Manpower Authorization File {eng}
MAF - Master Audit File {eng}
MAF - Michoud Assembly Facility (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MAF - Missile Alert Facility (20 AF) {eng}
MAF - Mixed Amine Fuel {eng}
MAF - Multiple-Access Forward /also Multiple Access Forward/ (NASA) {eng}
MAFB - Malmstrom Air Force Base {eng}
MAFDEVP - MAF Development Domain {eng}
MAFET - Microwave and Analog Front-End Technology Program (USAF) {eng}
MAG - Magazine (Camera; Apollo) {eng}
MAG - Magnetic {eng}
MAG - Magnetic Field Instrument {eng}
MAG - Magnetic Field Monitor {eng}
MAG - Magnetometer /also Magnetometer Instrument/ (experiment; Voyager; NASA; MESSENGER) {eng}
MAG - Magnitude {eng}
MAG - Maintenance Advisory Group (USA) {eng}
mag. - Magazine {eng}
MAGGE - Medium-Altitude Gravity-Gradient Experiment {eng}
MAGIC - Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetworking Consortium {eng}
MAGIC - Multimission Advanced Ground Intelligent Control (USAF) {eng}
MAGIC - Multiple Aperture Gas Imaging Counter {eng}
MAGIK - Manipulator Analysis, Graphics, and Integrated Kinematics {eng}
MAGION - Magnetosféra a ionosféra {cze}
MAGR - Miniaturized Airborne GPS [=Global Positioning System] Receiver {eng}
MAGROL - Magnetometer Calibration Roll Maneuver {eng}
MAGSAT - Magnetic Field Mapping Satellite {eng}
MAGSAT - Magnetic Field Satellite {eng}
MAGSAT - Magnetometer Satellite {eng}
MAGSAT/AEM - Magnetic Field Satellite Applications Explorer Mission (satellite) {eng}
MAGTF - Marine Air-Ground Task Force {eng}
MAI - Machine-Aided Indexing {eng}
MAIDS - Management Automated Information Display System {eng}
MAIDS - Multipurpose Automatic Inspection and Diagnostic System {eng}
MAIN - Maintenance {eng}
MAINT - Maintenance {eng}
MAIR - Manufacturing and Inspection Record {eng}
MAIS - Major Automated Information System {eng}
MAJ - Major (NASA; STS) {eng}
MAJAC - Monitor, Antijam, and Control {eng}
MAJCOM - Major Air Command {eng}
MAJCOM - Major Command (USAF) {eng}
MAK - mežgosudarstvennaja akcionernaja korporacija [МАК - межгосударственная акционерная корпорация] {rus}
MAKS - mnogocelevaja aviacionno-kosmičeskaja sistema (projekt) [МАКС - многоцелевая авиационно-космическая система] {rus}
MAL - Malfunction {eng}
MAL - Material Allowance List {eng}
MAL - Mobile Airlock {eng}
MALC - Middletown Air Logistics Command {eng}
MALI - Midcourse Air-Launched Interceptor {eng}
MALL - Malleable {eng}
MALLAR - Manned Lunar Landing and Return {eng}
MALP - master Alarm Light Panel {eng}
MALS - Miniature Air-Launched System {eng}
MAM - Manual Augmented Mode (STS; ISS) {eng}
MAMB - Missile Assembly and Maintenance Building {eng}
MAMBO - Minuteman Assembly Maintenance Building (Ogden, USA) {eng}
MAMS - Micro Acceleration Measurement System (STS) {eng}
MAMS - Microgravity Acceleration Measurement System (experiment; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MAMS - Missile Assembly and Maintenance Shop {eng}
MAMS - Missile Assistance Maintenance Structure {eng}
MAMS - Multispectral Atmospheric Mapping Sensor {eng}
MAN - Manual (Apollo) {eng}
MAN - Metropolitan Area Network {eng}
MAN - Microwave Aerospace Navigation {eng}
MANF - Manifold {eng}
MANM - Mir Audible Noise Measurement {eng}
MANPRINT - - Manpower and Personnel Integration (USSPACECOM/J6N) {eng}
MANS - Microcosm Autonomous Navigation System (USAF) {eng}
ManTech - Manufacturing Technology (USAF) {eng}
MANTRAC - Manual Angle Tracking Capability {eng}
MANTRAC - Manual Tracking System {eng}
MAO - Main Astronomical Observatory (Ukrajina) (Ukraine) {eng}
MAO - Major Attack Option (20 AF) {eng}
MAO - Mars Aeronomy Observer {eng}
MAOT - Maximum Allowable Operating Time {eng}
MAP - Maintenance Analysis Program {eng}
MAP - Management Action Plan (ECAMP) {eng}
MAP - Manufacturers' Automation Protocol {eng}
MAP - Manufacturing and Automation Profile {eng}
MAP - Measurement Assurance Program {eng}
MAP - Message Acceptance Pulse {eng}
MAP - Microwave-background Anisotropy Probe /also Microwave Anisotropy Probe/ (astronomy; satellite; NASA; project) {eng}
MAP - Middle Atmosphere Program {eng}
MAP - Missed Approach Point {eng}
MAP - Mission Application Program {eng}
MAP - Mission Area Plan (AFSPC/XP; USAF) {eng}
MAP - Multichannel Astrometric Photometer (TOPS Instrument) {eng}
MAPCHE - Mobile Automatic Programed Checkout Equipment {eng}
MAPI - Mail Application Program Interface {eng}
MAPI - Messaging Application Program Interface {eng}
MAPO - Magnetically Actuated Propellant Orientation {eng}
MAPOLE - Magnetic Dipole Spark Transmitter {eng}
MAPROD - MAF Production Domain {eng}
MAPS - Maintainability Analysis and Prediction System {eng}
MAPS - Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution from Satellites /also Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellites/ {eng}
MAPS - Miniature Autonomous Power System {eng}
MAPSE - Minimum Ada Program Support Environment {eng}
MAPTIS - Materials and Processes Technical Information Services {eng}
MAPTIS - Materials and Processes Technical Information System (STS; NASA) {eng}
MAR - Maintenance Action Request {eng}
MAR - Maintenance and Refurbishment {eng}
Mar - March (ISS; NASA) {eng}
MAR - Master Angular Reference {eng}
MAR - Memory Address Register {eng}
MAR - Middeck Accommodations Rack {eng}
MAR - Minimally Attended Radar (TW/AA) {eng}
MAR - Minimum Avionics Requirements (GPS) {eng}
MAR - Missile Active Range (TAB93-1) {eng}
MAR - Multifunction Array Radar {eng}
MAR - Multiple Array Radar {eng}
MAR - Multiple-Access Return /also Multiple Access Return/ (NASA) {eng}
MARB - Mishap Abatement and Review Board {eng}
MARC-DN - - Measurement of Atmospheric Radiance Camera-Day/Night {eng}
MARCI - Mars Color Imager (experiment; MRO [=Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter]; project; NASA) {eng}
MARCOM - Maritime Command (C4SMP) {eng}
marcsec - milliarcsecond(s) {eng}
MARCSS - Miniaturized Airborne Radio Communications Satellite System (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MARE - Major Accident Response Exercise (IG) {eng}
Marecs - Maritime European Communications Satellite (ESA) {eng}
MARESS - Lander Telecomunication Package (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MARIA - Magnetometer and Riometer Affay (CANOPUS) {eng}
Marisat - Marine Satellite Communications System {eng}
Marisat - Maritime Satellite {eng}
MARS - Manned Astronautical Research Station (USA) {eng}
MARS - Manned Astronomical Research Station {eng}
MaRS - Mars Radio Science Experiment (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MARS - Martin Automatic Reporting System {eng}
MARS - Military Affiliate Radio System {eng}
MARS - Mobile Atlantic Range Station (USA) {eng}
MARS - Modular Airborne Recorder System {eng}
MARS-GRAM - MARS Global Reference Atmospheric Model {eng}
MARSIS - Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MARSYAS - Marshall System for Aerospace Simulation {eng}
MARTI - Maneuverable Re-Entry Technology Investigation {eng}
MARTS - Marshall Accounting and Resource Tracking System {eng}
MARTS - MSFC Accounting and Resources Tracking System {eng}
MARV - Maneuverable Antiradar Vehicle {eng}
MaRV - Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle {eng}
MARVEL - Mars Volcanic Emission and Life Scout (project; experiment; Mars; JPL) {eng}
MARVEL - Monitor/Analyzer of Real-time Voyager Engineering Link {eng}
MAS - Malyj avtonomnyj sputnik [МАС - Малый автономный спутник] {rus}
MAS - Medical Aid Station {eng}
MAS - Microbial Air Sampler (ISS) {eng}
MAS - Millimeter-wave Atmospheric Sounder /also Millimeter Wave Atmosphere Sounder/ {eng}
MAS - MODIS Airborne Simulator {eng}
MAS - Module Attache System {eng}
MASA - Metals and Alloys Solidification Apparatus {eng}
MASC - Milstar Auxiliary Support Center, Sunnyvale, CA (USA) {eng}
MASCS - Mercury Atmospheric and Surface Composition Spectrometer (experiment; MESSENGER) {eng}
MASDC - Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center {eng}
MASDR - Measurement and Signature Data Requirement {eng}
MASER - Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation {eng}
maser - Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation {eng}
MASINT - Measurements and Signature Intelligence (C4SMP) {eng}
MASSPO - Manned Spaceflight Support Project Office (USA) {eng}
MASSTOR - Masstor Systems Corp. {eng}
MAST - Manual Acquisition Satellite Track {eng}
MAST - Marshall Advanced System Test Bed {eng}
MAST - Marshall Avionics Systems Test Bed {eng}
MAST - Mass Spectrometer Telescope (SAMPEX Instrument) {eng}
MAST - Missile Automatic Supply Technique (USA) {eng}
MASTIF - Multiaxis Spin Test Inertial Facility {eng}
MAT - Manned Antitank (rocket) {eng}
MAT - Matrix {eng}
MAT - Meteorological Atmospheric Turbulence {eng}
MAT - Military Air Transport {eng}
MAT - Multipath Assessment Tool (GPS) {eng}
MAT - Multiple Access Transponder {eng}
MAT - Multiple Actuator Test {eng}
MATCO - Materials Analysis, Tracking, and Control {eng}
MATCON - Microwave Aerospace Terminal Control {eng}
MATE - MDM Application Test Environment {eng}
Mate - Modular Automatic Test Equipment {eng}
MATL - Material {eng}
MATLAS - Matera, Italy Laser Station (Matera; Itálie) {eng}
MATP - Management Attention to Performance {eng}
MATS - Metrics Acquisition and Tracking System {eng}
MATS - Midcourse Airborne Target Signature {eng}
MATS - Multipurpose Automatic Test System {eng}
MATT - Multimission Advanced Tactical Terminal (CONSTANT SOURCE) {eng}
MATTR - Midcourse and Terminal Tier Review (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
Matts - Multiple Airborne Target Trajectory System {eng}
MATV - Multi-Axis Thrust Vectoring (USAF) {eng}
MAU - Medium Access Unit {eng}
MAU - Million Accounting Units {eng}
MAU - Multiple Access Unit {eng}
MAUI - Maui Analysis of Upper Atmospheric Injections (NASA; ISS; experiment) {eng}
MAUS - Messenschafteliche Autonome Experiment Unter Schewerelosigkeit {ger}
MAV - Mars Ascent Vehicle {eng}
MAV - Military Aerospace Vehicle {eng}
MAW - Military Airlift Wing {eng}
MAWS - Microgravity Acceleration Workstation {eng}
MAWS - Missile Approach Warning System (USAF) {eng}
MAX - Madrid, Spain (STN Site, Second Antenna) {eng}
MAX - Matter/Antimatter Explorer {eng}
MAX - Maximum (NASA; STS; Apollo) {eng}
MAX - Maximum Time Estimate (ISS) {eng}
MAX 91 - NASA Program of Ground-Based Observation of the 1991 Solar Maximum {eng}
MAX Q - Maximum Dynamic Pressure (Apollo) {eng}
MAX-Q - Maximum Dynamic Pressure {eng}
MAXCO - Maximum Dynamic Pressure {eng}
MAXI - Modular Architecture for Exchange of Intelligence (CSOC) {eng}
MAZH - Missile Azimuth Heading {eng}
MAZO - Missile Azimuth Orientation {eng}
MB - Main Bus {eng}
MB - Management Baseline {eng}
MB - Manitoba {eng}
MB - Manned Base {eng}
Mb - megabit(s) {eng}
MB - megabyte(s) {eng}
Mb - megabyte(s) (ISS) {eng}
MB - millibar(s) (mbar preffered; 102 Pa) {eng}
MB - Missile Bomber {eng}
MB/S - megabit(s) per second {eng}
Mb/s - megabit(s) per second {eng}
mb/s - megabit(s) per second (ISS) {eng}
MB/S - megabyte(s) per second {eng}
MBA - Main Belt Asteroid (astronomy) {eng}
MBA - Managing by Ambling {eng}
MBA - Master in Business Administration (univerzity degree) {eng}
MBA - Motorized Bolt Assembly (ISS) {eng}
MBA - Multiple-Beam Antenna /also Multi-beam Antenna/ {eng}
MBA - Multiple-Bering Adaptor {eng}
MBAC - Marshall Booster Assembly Contractor {eng}
mbar - Millibar(s) (102 Pa = 1 hPa) {eng}
MBB - Make Before Break {eng}
MBB - Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH (Bremen; Deutschland) {ger}
MBC - Maximum Breathing Capacity {eng}
MBC - Meteor Burst Communications (TW/AA) {eng}
MBCS - Motion-Base Crew Station (SMS) {eng}
MBE - Metal Bellows Expander (ISS) {eng}
MBE - Missileborne Equipment {eng}
MBE - Molecular Beam Epitaxy /also Molecular Beam Epitaxial/ (USAF) {eng}
MBF - Mission Build Facility {eng}
MBFP - Manufacturing Build and Flow Plan {eng}
MBH - massive black hole {eng}
MBI - mediko-biologičeskoje issledovanije (ISS) [МБИ - медико-биологическое исследование] {rus}
MBI - Multibus Interface {eng}
Mbit - megabit(s) {eng}
MBK - Medications and Bandage Kit (STS) {eng}
MBL - Main Base Landfill {eng}
MBL - Mobile Unit (TACAN Station) {eng}
MBLA - Multi-Beam Laser Altimeter {eng}
MBM - Manual Berthing Mechanism (STS; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MBM - Midcourse Battle Management {eng}
MBNQA - Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award {eng}
MBO - Management by Objective {eng}
MBO - Management of Objective {eng}
MBOA - Mission Briefing and Observation Auditorium (Apollo; NASA) {eng}
MBONS - Mutlicast Backbones {eng}
MBOS - Missile Base Operations Supervisor {eng}
MBPO - Microgravity Biotechnology Projects Office {eng}
Mbps - megabit(s) per second /also million bit(s) per decond/ (STS) {eng}
MBPS - megabit(s) per second /also million bit(s) per second/ (Mbps preffered) {eng}
mbps - megabit(s) per second /also million bit(s) per second/ (Mbps preffered) {eng}
MBPS - megabyte(s) per second /also million byte(s) per second/ (MBps preffered) {eng}
mbps - megabyte(s) per second /also million byte(s) per second/ (MBps preffered) {eng}
MBps - megabyte(s) per second /also million byte(s) per second/ (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MBPT - Migratory Bird Protection Treaty {eng}
MBR - Mars Balloon Relay (MO, MGS Investigation) {eng}
MBR - Mission Briefing Room {eng}
MBRV - Maneuvering Ballistic Re-Entry Vehicle /also Maneuvering Ballistic Reentry Vehicle/ {eng}
MBS - mežmodul'naja bortovaja svjaz' (ISS) [МБС - межмодульная бортовая связь] {rus}
MBS - Missile Bunker Storage {eng}
MBS - Mobile Base System /also MRS [=Mobile Remote Servicer] Base System/ (ISS) {eng}
MBS - MRS Base System (ISS; NASA) {eng}
MBSA - Main Bus Switching Assembly {eng}
MBSU - Main Bus Switching Unit (ISS) {eng}
MBT - Main Battle Tank {eng}
MBT - Mountain Bell Telephone {eng}
MBTS - Missile Battery Test Set {eng}
MBtu - Million British Thermal Units {eng}
MBV - Main Base Visit {eng}
MBV - Model Based Vision (USAF) {eng}
MBWA - Management by Walking Around {eng}
Mbyte - megabyte(s) {eng}
MC - Magnetospheric Constellation {eng}
MC - Manned Core {eng}
MC - McDonnell Aircraft Co. (USA) {eng}
MC - Memory Configuration {eng}
MC - Midcourse Correction /also Mid Course Correction/ (maneuver; STS; ISS; Apollo) {eng}
MC - Midcourse Minor Construction (50 CES) {eng}
MC - Missile Car {eng}
MC - Missile Code {eng}
MC - Missile Control {eng}
MC - Missile Crew {eng}
MC - Mission Capability {eng}
MC - Mission Completion/Continuation {eng}
MC - Mission Controller (AFSCN) {eng}
MC&C - Measurement, Command, and Control {eng}
MC&G - Mapping, Charting and Geodesy {eng}
MC&W - Master Caution and Warning {eng}
MC-cubed - Mission Control and Computing Center (obsolete; JPL) {eng}
MCA - Major Constituent Analyzer (STS; ISS) {eng}
MCA - Master Control Assembly {eng}
MCA - Maximum Crossing Altitude {eng}
MCA - Mission Complement Analysis {eng}
MCA - Monitoring and Control Assembly {eng}
MCA - Motor Control Assembly {eng}
MCA - Multichannel Analyzer {eng}
MCA - Multichip Assembly (USAF) {eng}
MCA/MSA - Major Constituent Analyzer/Mass Spectrometer Assembly (ISS) {eng}
MCAD - Mechanical Computer-Aided Design {eng}
MCAS - MBS [=Mobile Base System] Common Attach System (STS; ISS) {eng}
MCAS - MSS [=Mobile Servicing System] Common Attach System {eng}
MCAT - Missile Container Air Transport {eng}
MCAVV - MCA Vacuum Valve (ISS) {eng}
MCB - Modification Control Board (AFSCN) {eng}
MCB - Multilateral Control Board {eng}
MCBF - Mean Cycle between Failures {eng}
MCBX - Master Control Board Exchange (AFSCN) {eng}
MCC - Main Combustion Chamber {eng}
MCC - Maintenance Control Circuit {eng}
MCC - Master Control Center (AFSATCOM) {eng}
MCC - Master Control Console {eng}
MCC - Mercury Control Center (USA) {eng}
MCC - Midcourse Correction /also Mid Course Correction/ (maneuver; Apollo) {eng}
MCC - Military Coordinating Committee (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MCC - Minuteman Change Committee (USA) {eng}
MCC - Missile Change Committed {eng}
MCC - Missile Checkout Console {eng}
MCC - Missile Combat Crew (20 AF) {eng}
MCC - Missile Command Coder {eng}
MCC - Missile Control Center {eng}
MCC - Mission Control Center (JSC; NASA; STS; ISS; CAIB; NAIB; Russia; Apollo) {eng}
MCC - Mission Control Complex (50 SW) {eng}
MCC - Mobile Command Center {eng}
MCC - Mobile Communications Center {eng}
MCC - Motor Control Center (JSC; power plant) {eng}
MCC - Movement Control Center (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MCC COORD - Master Control Console Coordination {eng}
MCC-DOD - Mission Control Center - DoD [=Department of Defense] {eng}
MCC-H - Mission Control Center - Houston (STS; ISS; Apollo; NASA) {eng}
MCC-K - Mission Control Center - Kennedy /also Mission Control Center - KSC [=Kennedy Space Center]/ {eng}
MCC-K - Mission Control Complex-Kernel {eng}
MCC-M - Mission Control Center - Moscow (STS; ISS) {eng}
MCC-NASA - Mission Control Center-NASA {eng}
MCCB - Minuteman Change Commitment Board (USA) {eng}
MCCB - Mission Communications Control Board {eng}
MCCC - Marangone Convection on Closed Containers (STS; USML-1) {eng}
MCCC - Missile Combat Crew Commander (SAC) {eng}
MCCC - Mission Control and Computing Center (JPL; obsolete) {eng}
MCCC - Mobile Command and Control Center (TW/AA) {eng}
MCCC - Mobile Consolidated Command Center (C4SMP) {eng}
MCCF - Mss Command/Control Facility {eng}
MCCH - Mission Control Center - Houston {eng}
MCCM - Missile Combat Crew Member (20 AF) {eng}
MCCMG - Mission Control Complex Management (CPCI 205) {eng}
MCCR - Mission-Critical Computer Resources (COBRADANE) {eng}
MCCS - Mission Control Center Simulation {eng}
MCCS - Mission Control Center System {eng}
MCCS - Mission-Critical Computer System {eng}
MCCS - Mobile Command and Control Segment (MCCC) {eng}
MCCS - Mobile Command and Control Squadron (MCCC) {eng}
MCCS - Mobile Command and Control System (TW/AA) {eng}
MCCU - Mission Control Center Units {eng}
MCD - Maximum-likelyhood Convolutional Decoder (DSN; Viterbi decoder) {eng}
MCD - Minimum Cost Design (USAF) {eng}
MCDS - Maintenance Control and Display System {eng}
MCDS - Management, Communications, and Data System {eng}
MCDS - Multifunction CRT Display System /also Multi-Function CRT Display System; also Multifunction Cathode Ray Tube Display System/ (NASA; STS; ISS) {eng}
MCDU - Multifunction CRT Display Unit {eng}
MCE - Mechanism Control Electronics {eng}
MCE - Missile Command Element {eng}
MCE - Mission Control Element (Milstar) {eng}
MCE - Modular Control Equipment (C4SMP) {eng}
MCE - MSS Control Equipment {eng}
MCEB - Military Communications-Electronics Board {eng}
MCEP - Mean Celestial Ephemeris Pole {eng}
MCF - Maintenance and Checkout Facility {eng}
MCF - Major Component Failure /also Major Component Fail/ (STS) {eng}
MCF - Master Control Facility, Hassan, Karnataka (Indie) (ground control center; ISRO) {eng}
MCF - Metadata Configuration File {eng}
MCF - Microconical Fitting (ISS) {eng}
Mcf - million cubic feet {eng}
MCF - Missile Compatibility Firing {eng}
MCF - Mission Control Facility {eng}
MCF - Mission Control Force (AFSCN) {eng}
MCG - Microwave Command Guidance {eng}
MCG - Midcourse Guidance {eng}
MCG - Mobile Command Guidance {eng}
MCG - Mojave Coordinating Group /also Mojave Coordination Group/ {eng}
MCG - Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies (astronomy) {eng}
MCG&I - Mapping, Charting, Geopositioning and Imagery (AFSC2S) {eng}
MCGD - Microgravity Crystal Growth Demonstration {eng}
MCGS - Microwave Command Guidance System {eng}
McIDAS - Man-Computer Interactive Data Access System {eng}
MCIG - Mercury Iodide Crystal Growth {eng}
MCII - MCI International {eng}
MCIS - Marshall Centerwide Information System {eng}
MCIU - Manipulator Controller Interface Unit {eng}
MCIU - Master Control and Interface Unit {eng}
MCIU - Mission Control and Interface Unit {eng}
MCL - Mass Change Log {eng}
MCL - Master Configuration List {eng}
MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level {eng}
MCL - Mid-Canada Line {eng}
MCLT - Maximum Cruise Level Thrust {eng}
MCM - MADS Control Module {eng}
MCM - Manual for Courts {eng}
MCM - Martial Multi-Command Manual {eng}
MCM - Mesosphere Coupling Mission (satellite) {eng}
MCM - Missile-Carrying Missile {eng}
MCM - mnogocelevoj modul' (Enterprise; projekt; ISS) [МЦМ - многоцелевой модуль] {rus}
MCM - Multicarrier Modulation {eng}
MCM - Multichip Module (USAF) {eng}
MCMS - Marshall Calibration Management System {eng}
MCN - Master Change Notice {eng}
MCN - Midcourse Navigation {eng}
MCNIU - Muliticompatible Network Interface Unit {eng}
MCO - Mars Climate Orbiter (satellite) {eng}
McO - Mercury Orbiter {eng}
MCO - Midcourse Object {eng}
MCO - Missile Control Officer {eng}
MCO - Mission Control Center {eng}
MCO - Mission Control Operations {eng}
MCOIN - Maritime Command Operational Information Network (C4SMP) {eng}
MCOP - Mission Control Operations Panel {eng}
MCOPS - Million Complex Multiplication Operations per Second {eng}
MCOR - Medium Rate Communication Outage Recorder (ISS) {eng}
MCOR - Medium Rate Communications Outage Recorder (ISS) {eng}
MCOR - Multipurpose Communications Outage Recorder (ISS) {eng}
MCP - Master Change Proposal {eng}
MCP - Master Computer Program {eng}
MCP - Materials Control Plan {eng}
MCP - Measurements Control Procedure {eng}
MCP - Microchannel Plate /also Micro Channel Plate/ {eng}
MCP - Military Construction Program {eng}
MCP - Mission Communication Payload (ESA; Eumetsat; MGS) {eng}
MCP - Mission Control Programmer {eng}
MCP - Monitoring and Control Panel {eng}
MCP - Monitoring Control Panel {eng}
MCP - Multibeam Communication Package {eng}
MCPC - Manipulator Controller Power Conditioner {eng}
MCPF - Modular Containerless Processing Facility {eng}
MCPR - Modified Cost Performance Report {eng}
MCPS - Major Cost Proposal System {eng}
MCR - Main Conference Room {eng}
MCR - Manpower Change Request (50 SPW/MO) {eng}
MCR - Master Change Record {eng}
MCR - Materials Change Request {eng}
MCR - Materials Control Requirement {eng}
MCR - Minuteman Change Request (USA) {eng}
MCR - Modification Completion Report {eng}
MCRF - Materials Combustion Research Facility {eng}
MCS - Maintenance and Checkout Station {eng}
MCS - Maintenance Control Supervisor (AFSCN) {eng}
MCS - Management Control System {eng}
MCS - Maneuver Control Systems {eng}
MCS - Maritime Communications Subsystem {eng}
MCS - Mars Climate Sounder (experiment; MRO [=Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter]; project; NASA) {eng}
MCS - Master Control System {eng}
MCS - MCU [=Mobile Remote Servicer Base System Computer Unit] Control Software (ISS; STS) {eng}
MCS - Measurements Calibration System {eng}
MCS - Mesoscale Convective System {eng}
MCS - Microbiology Safety Cabinet {eng}
MCS - Mission Control Segment (Milstar) {eng}
MCS - Mission Control System (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MCS - Motion Control System (STS; ISS) {eng}
MCS - Multiple Console Support {eng}
MCSS - Material Cataloging Screening Section {eng}
MCSS - Midcourse Surveillance System {eng}
MCSS - Military Communications Satellite System (USA) {eng}
MCSS - Mobile Checkout Station System {eng}
MCT - Management Control Team {eng}
MCT - Maximum Climb Thrust {eng}
MCT - Metabolic Control Test {eng}
MCT - Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Controlled Transistor (USAF) {eng}
MCT - Mission Configuration Test (NASA) {eng}
MCT - Mission Control Table {eng}
MCT - Mission Control Team (CSOC; JPL) {eng}
MCT - Mobile Communications Terminal (TW/AA) {eng}
MCT - Multi-Cable Transit {eng}
MCTL - Militarily Critical Technologies List {eng}
MCU - Marangoni Convection Unit {eng}
MCU - Master Control Unit (AFSCN; STS; NASA) {eng}
MCU - MBS [=MRS [=Mobile Remote Servicer] Base System] Computer Unit (ISS) {eng}
MCU - Mechanism Control Unit {eng}
MCU - Media Control Unit {eng}
MCU - Missile Cryptographic Unit {eng}
MCU - Mission Control Unit {eng}
MCU - Multipoint Control Unit {eng}
MCVP - Materials Control and Verification Program {eng}
MCW - Merge Count Weight {eng}
MCW - Modulated Continuous Wave {eng}
MCXO - Microcomputer Compensated Crystal Oscillator {eng}
MD - Biomedical Office (KSC Directorate) {eng}
MD - Malfunction Detection {eng}
MD - Manual Direct {eng}
MD - Manual Disconnect {eng}
MD - marševyj dvigatel' [МД - маршевый двигатель] {rus}
MD - Maryland (USA; state) {eng}
MD - Master Dimension {eng}
MD - Microdot {eng}
MD - Middeck {eng}
MD - Missile Division {eng}
MD - Mission Director (AFSCN) {eng}
MDA - Main Distribution Assembly {eng}
MDA - Maintainability Design Approach {eng}
MDA - McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (ISS) {eng}
MDA - Metal De-Activator (USAF) {eng}
MDA - Middeck Assembly (FDF) {eng}
MDA - Milestone Decision Authority (AFSPC/XP) {eng}
MDA - Missile Defense Act (of 1991) {eng}
MDA - Missile Defense Agency (USA) {eng}
MDA - Mission Data Base Application {eng}
MDA - Motor Drive Amplifier {eng}
MDA - Motor Drive Assembly (ISS; STS) {eng}
MDA - Motorized Door Assembly {eng}
MDA - Multiple Docking Adapter {eng}
MDAC - McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corp. {eng}
MDAC - McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. {eng}
MDAC - McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Corp. {eng}
MDAP - Major Defense Acquisition Program (AFSPC/XP) {eng}
MDAQMD - Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District {eng}
MDAR - Malfunction Detection, Analysis, and Recording {eng}
MDAS - Meteorological Data Acquisition System {eng}
MDAS - Mission Data Acquisition System {eng}
MDAT - Meteorological Data Acquisition Terminal {eng}
MDB - Master Data Base {eng}
MDB - Mission Data Base {eng}
MDB - Mission Data Book {eng}
MDBMS - Medical Data Base Management System {eng}
MDC - Main Display Console (Apollo) {eng}
MDC - Maintenance Data Collection (AFSCN) {eng}
MDC - Manipulation Detection Code {eng}
MDC - Mars Dust Counter (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MDC - Microgravity Development Center {eng}
MDC - Microgravity Development Complex {eng}
MDC - Missile Development Center {eng}
MDC - Missile Direction Center {eng}
MDC - Missile Director Center {eng}
MDC - Mission Director Center {eng}
MDC - Mission Director's Center (NATO-4B) {eng}
MDC - Mission Duty Cycle {eng}
MDCA - Main Distribution Control Assembly {eng}
MDCR - Mission Data Coverage Report {eng}
MDCS - Maintainability Data Collection System {eng}
MDCS - Maintenance Data Collection System {eng}
MDCS - Malfunction Display and Control System {eng}
MDCS - Master Digital Command System {eng}
MDCS - Material Data Collection System {eng}
MDCU - Magnetic Damping Control Unit {eng}
MDD - Mate-Demate Device (STS) {eng}
MDD - Mate/Demate Device {eng}
MDD - Mission Description Document {eng}
MDDF - Minimum Delay Data Format (NASA) {eng}
MDDS - Material Directory Data Sheet {eng}
MDE - Mechanism Drive Electronics {eng}
MDE - Mission Dependent Equipment {eng}
MDE - Mission Dependent Experiment {eng}
MDE - Mission Development Element (Milstar) {eng}
MDE - Modular Display Electronics {eng}
MDE - Motor Drive Electronics (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MDF - Magnetically Damped Furnace {eng}
MDF - Main Distribution Facility (AFSCN) {eng}
MDF - Main Distribution Frame /also Main Distributing Frame/ {eng}
MDF - Manipulator Development Facility {eng}
MDF - Mating/Demating Facilities {eng}
MDF - Micro Development Laboratory {eng}
MDF - Mild Detonating Fuse {eng}
MDF - Minimum Duration Flight (ISS) {eng}
MDF - Multidomain Facility {eng}
MDI - Magnetic Direction Indicator {eng}
MDI - Michelson Doppler Imager (part of SOI on SOHO; SOHO) {eng}
MDI - Miss Distance Indicator /also Miss-Distance Indicator/ {eng}
MDIE - Mother-Daughter Ionosphere Experiment {eng}
MDIS - Mercury Dual Imaging System (experiment; MESSENGER) {eng}
MDIU - Manual Data Insertion Unit {eng}
MDK - Middeck (ISS; STS; NASA) {eng}
MDL - Master Data Library {eng}
MDL - Master Document List (AFSCN) {eng}
MDL - Micro Development Laboratory {eng}
MDL - Microgravity Development Laboratory {eng}
MDL - Microgravity Dynamics Laboratory {eng}
MDL - Middeck Locker (ISS) {eng}
MDL - Mission Data Load {eng}
MDM - Manipulator Deployment Mechanism {eng}
MDM - Medical Monitor {eng}
MDM - Mobile Depot Maintenance (AFSCN) {eng}
MDM - Modulator/Demodulator (ISS) {eng}
MDM - Multiplexer/Demultiplexer /also Multiplexer De-Multiplexer; also Multiplexer-Demultiplexer; also Multiplexer/De-Multiplexer/ (STS; ISS; NASA; AFSCN) {eng}
MDMA - Many Delinquent Modern Anarchists {eng}
MDMS - Maintenance Data Management System {eng}
MDP - Management Development Program {eng}
MDP - Master Development Plan {eng}
MDP - Maximum Design Pressure (NASA; STS; acronyms$dWWW) {eng}
MDP - Mission Data Processing Subsystem (ADEOS-2; NASDA) {eng}
MDP - Modulator/Doppler Predictor (NASA; TDRSS; STS) {eng}
MDPS - Meteoroid and Debris Protection System (ISS) {eng}
MDPS - Metric Data Processing System (ROCC) {eng}
MDPS - Micrometeroid and Debris Protection System (ISS) {eng}
MDR - MacDonald Dettwiler Robotics (ISS) {eng}
MDR - Maintenance Demand Rate {eng}
MDR - Maintenance Development Program {eng}
MDR - Maintenance Discrepancy Report (AFSCN) {eng}
MDR - Major Design Review {eng}
MDR - Material Deficiency Report (SR 27-2) {eng}
MDR - Medium Data Rate (Milstar) {eng}
MDR - Minor Discrepancy Repair {eng}
MDR - Missing Data Report {eng}
MDR - Mission Data Readout {eng}
MDR - Mission Data Recording (CSOC) {eng}
MDR - Mission Data Recovery (AFSCN) {eng}
MDR - Mission Data Reduction {eng}
MDR - Mission Data Report {eng}
MDR - Mission Director Representative {eng}
MDR - Monthly Director's Review {eng}
MDRD - Mission Data Requirements Document {eng}
MDRD - Module-Level Design Requirements Document {eng}
MDRS - Manufacturing Data Retrieval System {eng}
MDRS - Mission Data Retrieval System {eng}
MDRU - Medium Rate Data Processing Unit (NASA; STS) {eng}
MDS - Maintenance Diagnostic System {eng}
MDS - Malfunction Detection System {eng}
MDS - Management Data System {eng}
MDS - Management Development Schedule {eng}
MDS - Master Development Schedule {eng}
MDS - Medium Deep Survey (astronomy) {eng}
MDS - Memphis Distribution Site (DLA) {eng}
MDS - Meteoroid Detection Satellite {eng}
MDS - Minimum Discernible Signal {eng}
MDS - Minimum Discernible System {eng}
MDS - Missile Dynamic Simulator {eng}
MDS - Mission Demonstration Test Satellite {eng}
MDS - Mission Development Simulator {eng}
MDS - Mission, Design, Series {eng}
MDS - Modular Display System (C4SMP) {eng}
MDS - Motion Detection System {eng}
MDSCC - Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex, Madrid (Španlsko) (DSN) {eng}
MDSD - Mate/Demate Stiffleg Derrick (STS) {eng}
MDSF - Manipulator Development and Simulation Facility {eng}
MDSS - MILSATCOM Decision Support System (USSPACECOM/J6N) {eng}
MDSS - Modular Digital Sun Sensor {eng}
MDSSC - McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Co. {eng}
MDSSC - McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Corp. {eng}
MDT - Maintenance Demand Time {eng}
MDT - Mean Detonating Time {eng}
MDT - Mean Down Time /also Mean Down-Time; also Mean Downtime/ (CSOC) {eng}
MDT - Measurement Descriptor Table {eng}
MDT - Message Distribution Terminal (AFSC2S) {eng}
MDT - Monthly Defect Tracking {eng}
MDT - Mountain Daylight Time {eng}
MDTSCO - McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Co. {eng}
MDU - marševaja dvigatel'naja ustanovka [МДУ - маршевая двигательная установка] {rus}
MDU - Medical Development Unit {eng}
MDU - Missile Design Unit {eng}
MDU - Mission Data Unit {eng}
MDV - Map and Data Viewer {eng}
MDW - Mars Departure Window {eng}
ME - Main Engine (NASA; STS) {eng}
ME - Maine (USA; state) {eng}
ME - Management Engineering {eng}
ME - Miscellaneous Equipment {eng}
ME - Mission Effectiveness (CSOC) {eng}
ME - Mission-Essential /also Mission Essential/ (50 SPW) {eng}
ME/SWA - Middle East/Southwest Asia {eng}
MEA - Main Electronics Assembly {eng}
MEA - Maintenance Engineering Analysis {eng}
MEA - Mass/Energy Analysis {eng}
MEA - Materials Experiment Assembly {eng}
MEA - More Electric Aircraft (USAF) {eng}
MEA - Multiple Engagement Architecture {eng}
MEAR - Maintenance Engineering Analysis Request {eng}
MEAS - Measurement (Apollo) {eng}
MEAS - Measuring {eng}
Measat - Malaysia East Asian Satellite {eng}
MEB - Main Electronics Box {eng}
MEB - Main Engine Burn (DSCS) {eng}
MEB - Medical Evaluation Board (AFMPC) {eng}
MEBO - Main Engine Burnout {eng}
MEBU - Mission-Essential Backup (TW/AA) {eng}
MEC - Engine Mounted Computer {eng}
MEC - Main Engine Controller {eng}
MEC - Master Event Controller {eng}
MEC - Materials Experiment Carrier {eng}
MEC - Medical Equipment Computer (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MEC - Mission Events Controller {eng}
MEC - Mounted Engine Computer {eng}
MECA - Main Engine Controller Assembly {eng}
MECA - Mercury Evaporation and Condenser Apparatus {eng}
MECA - Microscope Element Chemical Analyzer (experiment; NASA; project; Phoenix; Mars) {eng}
MECCA - Master Electrical Common Connector Assembly {eng}
MECF - Main Engine Computational Facilities {eng}
MECH - Mechanical {eng}
MECH - Mechanism {eng}
MECO - Main Engine Cutoff /also Main Engine Cut Off/ (STS; NASA) {eng}
MECR - Maintenance Engineering Change Request {eng}
MECSLSI - Mission Equipment Cargo Support Launch Site Installation {eng}
MED - Manual Entry Device {eng}
MED - Medical {eng}
med - medicinskij (ISS) [мед - медицинский] {rus}
MED - Medium {eng}
MED - Megadata {eng}
MED - Momentum Exchange Device {eng}
MED-FI - Medium Fidelity {eng}
MEDALS - Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (DLA) {eng}
MEDEA - Material Science Experiment Double Rack for Experiment (Spacelab D-1 Experiment) {eng}
MEDES - Institut de Médecine et de Physiologie Spatiales {fre}
MEDICS - Medical Information Computer System {eng}
MEDLAS - Mediterranean Laser Campaign {eng}
MEDLL - Multipath Estimation Delay Lock Loop (GPS) {eng}
MEDOC - Multiexperiment Data Operations Center {eng}
MedRes - Medium Resolution {eng}
MEDS - Multifunction Electronic Display Subsystem {eng}
MEE - Mission Essential Equipment {eng}
MEECN - Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network {eng}
MEEP - Mir Environment Effects Payload (ISS) {eng}
MEEP - Mir Environment Exposure Payload {eng}
MEEP - Mir Environmental Effects Payload {eng}
MEF - Mission Effectiveness Factor (20 AF) {eng}
MEG - Magneto Encephalogram {eng}
MEG - Megohm {eng}
MEG - Mobile Emergency Gateway {eng}
MEGS - Mars Echoes Generator Subsystem (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MegSat - Meggiorin Satellite {ita}
MEI - Management Effectiveness Inspection {eng}
MEI - Master Inspection Item {eng}
MEIDEX - Mediterranean Israeli Dust Experiment (NASA; STS; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MEIG - Main Engine Ignition {eng}
MEIT - Multi Element Integration Testing {eng}
MEIU - Main Engine Interface Unit {eng}
MEK - Malá encyklopedie kosmonautiky {cze}
MEK - Methyl Ethyl Ketone (ECAMP) {eng}
MEL - Master Equipment List {eng}
MEL - Minimum Equipment List {eng}
MEL - Modular Electromagnetic Levitator {eng}
MELA - Munition Export License Application (USAF) {eng}
MELACOM - Mars Express Lander Communications Package (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MELCO - Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan) {eng}
MELEO - Material Exposure in Low Earth Orbit {eng}
MELF - Metal Electrical Face (ISS) {eng}
MELFI - Minus Eighty Degrees Laboratory Freezer for ISS (ISS; NASA) {eng}
MELH - Missile Elevation Heading {eng}
MELI - Master Equipment List Index {eng}
MELI - Minimum Equipment List Index {eng}
MELP - Master EWO [=Emergency War Order] Lesson Plan (AFSPC/DOM) {eng}
MELTER - Mesophere and Lower Thermosphere Explorer {eng}
MELVA - Military Electronic Light Valve (Midas; USA) {eng}
MEM - Mars Excursion Module {eng}
MEM - Materials Experimentation Module {eng}
MEM - Meteoroid Exposure Module {eng}
MEM - Middeck Electronics Module {eng}
MEM - Mission Effectiveness Model {eng}
MEM - Mission Engagement Model {eng}
MEM - Module Exchange Mechanism {eng}
MEM - Multiple Engagement Module {eng}
MEMA - Maryland Emergency Management Agency {eng}
MEMO - Investigation on Interball-AURORA S/C {eng}
MEMS - Micro Electro Mechanical System(s) /also Microelectromechanical System(s)/ {eng}
MEMS - Microelectromechanical Systems {eng}
MENS - Mission Element Need Statement {eng}
MENTOR - Signal Intelligence {eng}
MEO - Medium Earth Orbit (DSCS; GPS) {eng}
MEOL - Manned Earth-Orbiting Laboratory {eng}
MEOP - Maximum Expected Operating Pressure {eng}
MEOSAB - Missile Explosive Ordnance Safety Advisory Board (USA) {eng}
MEP - Main Engine Propellant {eng}
MEP - Main Entry Point {eng}
MEP - Management Engineering Program {eng}
MEP - Mean Effective Pressure {eng}
MEP - Message Error Probability (USSPACECOM/J6) {eng}
MEP - Minimum Entry Point {eng}
MEP - Mission Execution Plan {eng}
MEP - Mobile Electric Power {eng}
MEP - Moon-Earth Plane {eng}
MEPA - Medium Energy Particle Analyzer (on AMPTE/COE) {eng}
MEPAG - Mars Exploration Payload Analysis Group /also Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group/ {eng}
MEPCO - Meeting of European Planetary and Cometary Observers (astronomy) {eng}
MEPF - Multiple Experiment Processing Furnace {eng}
MEPF-GCF - Multiple Experiment Processing Facility-Crystal Growth Furnace {eng}
MEPF-MAS - Multiple Experiment Processing Facility-Metal Alloy Solidification {eng}
MEPHISTO - Material pour l'Etude des Phenomenes Interessant la Solidification sur Terre et en Orbite {fre}
Méphisto - Matériel pour l'étude des Phénomnes Intéressant la Solidification Sur Terre et en Orbite {fre}
MEPL - Medium-Energy Pulsed Laser {eng}
MEPS - Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System (experiment; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MEPS - Missile Evaluation Performance Standards (20 AF) {eng}
MEPSI - MEMS-based [=Microelectromechanical Systems] PICOSAT Inspector /also MEMS-Based [=Microelectromechanical Systems] Picosat Inspector/ (ISS; satellite; DARPA) {eng}
MEPSI - Microelectromechanical System-Based (NASA; ISS; experiment) {eng}
MER - Manpower Estimate Report (Milstar) {eng}
MER - Mars Exploration Rover (Mars; project; JPL; Univ. of Arizona; NASA; MER) {eng}
MER - Meridian {eng}
MER - Mission Evaluation Room (NASA; STS; ISS) {eng}
MER - USNS Mercury (MSFN Site; Apollo) {eng}
MERB - Materials and Engineering Review Board {eng}
MERC - Medical Equipment Repair Center {eng}
MERCAST - Merchant-Ship Broadcast System {eng}
MERIS - Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer {eng}
MERIT - Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technology (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MERIT - Monitoring of Earth Rotation and Intercomparison of Techniques {eng}
MERL - Materials Engineering Research Laboratory {eng}
MERL - Materials Equipment Requirement List {eng}
MERLIN - Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network (astronomy) {eng}
MERSAT - Meteorology and Earth Observation Satellite {eng}
MERU - Milliearth Rate Unit {eng}
MES - Main Engine Start {eng}
MES - Management Engineering Squadron {eng}
MES - Mated Elements Simulator {eng}
MES - Mated Events Simulator {eng}
MES - Micro Earth Station {eng}
MES - Mission Equipment String {eng}
MES - Mission Events Sequence {eng}
MESA - Marshall Engineers and Scientists Association {eng}
MESA - Miniature Electrostatic Accelerometer {eng}
MESA - Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly /also Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly; also Modular Experiment Stowage Assembly/ (Apollo) {eng}
MESA - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Engineering Support Area {eng}
MESC - Master Events Sequencer Controller {eng}
MESDA - Mars Express Science Data Archive (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MESFET - Metal Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor {eng}
MESL - Minimum Essential Subsystem List (AFSCN) {eng}
MESOC - Mars Express Science Operation Center (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MESS - Medical Examination Scheduling System {eng}
MESSR - Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MESUR - Mars Environmental Survey (JPL; project; Mars Pathfinder) {eng}
MET - Management Engineering Team {eng}
MET - Master Event(s) Timer {eng}
MET - Meteorological {eng}
MET - Missile Electrical Technician {eng}
MET - Mission Elapsed Time (NASA; STS; CAIB; NAIB; ISS) {eng}
MET - Mission Event(s) Timer (Apollo) {eng}
MET - Modularized Equipment Transporter {eng}
MET - Multipath Elimination Technology (GPS) {eng}
META - Megachannel Extraterrestrial Assay {eng}
Meteosat - Meteorological Satellite (ESA) {eng}
METGAP - Mission Elapse Timeline Generation Application Program (UFO) {eng}
METJET - Meteorological Sounding Rocket, Ramjet-Powered (USA) {eng}
METOP - Meteorological Operational Satellite {eng}
Metox - Metal Oxide (ISS) {eng}
METOX - Metal Oxide (for CO2 removal; STS; ISS) {eng}
METRI - Meteorological Research Institute (Korea) {eng}
METRO - Meteorology {eng}
METRO - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Electronic Office {eng}
METROC - Meteorological Rocket (USA) {eng}
MetSat - Meteorological Satellite {eng}
metsat - meteorological satellite (generic name) {eng}
METSAT - Meteorological Satellite (ISRO) {eng}
METSOC - Meteroritical Society or Meterological Society (Conference) {eng}
METSTAR - Suggested Designator for DMSP [=Defense Meteorological Satellite Program] {eng}
METVC - Main Engine Thrust Vector {eng}
METWATCH - Meteorological Watch (AFSCN) {eng}
MEV - Mars Excursion Vehicle {eng}
MeV - megaelectronvolt(s) /also Mega-Electron Volt(s); also Million Electron Volts/ (106 eV) {eng}
meV - millielectronvolt(s) /also Milli-Electron Volt(s)/ (10-6 eV) {eng}
MEW - Microstructure Enhancement Welding {eng}
MEW - Microwave Early Warning {eng}
MEWG - Maintenance Engineering Working Group {eng}
MEWG - Mission Evaluation Working Group {eng}
Mex - Mars Express Mission (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MEXT - Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Tokyo; Japan) {eng}
MF - Major Frame of telemetry {eng}
MF - Major Function {eng}
MF - Mass Fraction {eng}
MF - Master Frame {eng}
MF - Mate and Ferry {eng}
MF - Medium Frequency (300 to 3000 kHz) {eng}
MF - Message Formatter {eng}
MF - Middeck Forward {eng}
MF - Midfuselage {eng}
MF - multifrequency (signaling) {eng}
MFA - Manned Flight Awareness {eng}
MFAR - Modular Multifunction Phased Array Radar {eng}
MFB - Multifunction Buffer {eng}
MFBP - Manufacturing Flow and Building Plan {eng}
MFC - Manual Frequency Control {eng}
MFC - Miniature Flight Computer (SpaceDev) {eng}
MFC - Minor Frame Counter (STS; NASA) {eng}
MFC - Multiple Flight Computer {eng}
MFC - Multiple Flight Controller {eng}
MFCC - Missile Flight Control Center {eng}
MFCD - Microgravity Fluids and Combustion Diagnostics {eng}
MFCO - Missile Flight Control Officer {eng}
MFCT - Modular Furnace Component Technology {eng}
MFCV - Manual Flow Control Valve (STS; ISS) {eng}
MFD - Main Feed {eng}
MFD - Malfunction Detection {eng}
MFD - Manipulator Flight Demonstration {eng}
MFD - Midflight Deck /also Mid-Flight Deck/ {eng}
MFD - Mode Field Diameter {eng}
MFD - Multifunction Display (USAF) {eng}
MFDE - Mid-flight Deck Experiment {eng}
MFE - Magnetic Field Explorer (NASA) {eng}
MFE - Magnetic Fields Experiment (Polar Instrument) {eng}
MFE - Mid Frequency Executive {eng}
MFE/Magnolia - Magnetic Field Explorer/Magnolia Mission {eng}
MFED - Multifunctional Exercise Device {eng}
MFF - MDM Flight Forward {eng}
MFG - Major Functional Group {eng}
MFG - Manufacturing {eng}
MFH - Military Family Housing {eng}
MFI - Magnetic Fields Investigation {eng}
MFJ - Modification of Final Judgment {eng}
MFL - Missile Firing Laboratory {eng}
Mflops - Megaflops (million floating point operations per second) {eng}
MFMG - Miscible Fluids in Microgravity (ISS; experiment; NASA) {eng}
MFMR - Multifrequency Microwave Radiometer {eng}
MFO - Major Function Overlay {eng}
MFP - Major Force Program {eng}
MFPE - Mission From Planet Earth {eng}
MFPE - Misson from Planet Earth (the report actually said ``go-as-you-pay'', which means ``little if any funding'' in Washington) {eng}
MFR - Manipulator Foot Restraint (HST) {eng}
MFR - Maximum Flight Rate {eng}
MFR - Memorandum for the Record {eng}
MFR - Mobile Foot Restraint {eng}
MFR - Multifunction Radar {eng}
MFR - Multifunctional Receiver {eng}
MFR - Multifunctional Review {eng}
MFS - Missile Firing Station {eng}
MFS - Missile Flight Safety Center {eng}
MFSC - Marshall Spaceflight Center (ISS; STS) {eng}
MFSG - Missile-Firing Safety Group {eng}
MFSK - Multiple Frequency-Shift Keying {eng}
MFSO - Missile Flight Safety Officer {eng}
MFSOA - Missile Flight Safety Officer Assistant {eng}
MFSOC - Missile Flight Safety Officer Console {eng}
MFSS - Missile Flight Safety System {eng}
MFT - Mean Flight Time {eng}
MFT - Minuteman Flexible Targeting (20 AF) {eng}
MFT - Missile Facilities Technician {eng}
MFTAD - Master Flight Test Assignment Document (JSC) {eng}
MFTCGS - Missile Flight Termination Control Ground System {eng}
MFTCS - Missile Flight Termination Control System {eng}
MFV - Main Fuel Valve {eng}
MFVA - Main Fuel Valve Actuator {eng}
Mg - Magnesium {eng}
MG - Major General {eng}
MG - Medium Gain {eng}
MG - Microgravity {eng}
mG - Microgravity {eng}
MG - Middle Gimbal (yaw) {eng}
mg - milligram(s) (10-3 g) {eng}
mg - million gallons {eng}
MG - million gallons (EPA) {eng}
MG - Mobile Generator {eng}
MG - Motor Generator (AFSCN) {eng}
mg/kg - milligram(s) per kilogram {eng}
mg/L - milligram(s) per liter {eng}
mg/L - Milligram(s) per Liter {eng}
mg/m2 - Milligram(s) per Square Meter {eng}
mg/m3 - Milligram(s) per Cubic Meter (DSCS; Pawe Paws) {eng}
MG/R - Message Generator/Recorder (TW/AA) {eng}
MGA - Medium-Gain Antenna {eng}
MGA - Middle Gimbal Angle (Apollo) {eng}
MGA - Missile Grade Air {eng}
MGAMS/CDTR - Microgravity Accelerometer Measurement System/Cassette Data Tape Recorder {eng}
MGBR - Midcourse Ground-Based Radar {eng}
MGBX - Microgravity Glovebox {eng}
MGBX - Middeck Glovebox {eng}
MGC - Manual Gain Control {eng}
MGC - Meadow Green Centre {eng}
MGC - Missile Guidance and Control {eng}
MGCC - Missile Guidance and Control Computer {eng}
MGCS - Missile Guidance Control Set (20 AF) {eng}
MGCSIR - Missile Guidance Control Set Inflight Reliability (20 AF) {eng}
MGD - Magnetogasdynamics {eng}
mgd - million gallons per day /also Million Gallons per Day/ (DSCS) {eng}
MGD - Million Gallons per Day /also Million Gallons Per Day/ (EPA) {eng}
MGE - Maintenance Ground Equipment {eng}
MGE - Missile Ground Equipment {eng}
MGEN - Major General {eng}
MGEP - Mobile Ground Entry Point {eng}
MGF - Magnetic Field Experiment (Geotail Instrument) {eng}
MGF - Magnetic Fields {eng}
MGK - Mežgosudarstvennaja komissija [МГК - Межгосударственная комиссия] {rus}
MGLI - Midcourse Ground-Launched Interceptor {eng}
MGM - Mars Geochemical Mapper {eng}
MGM - Mechanics of Granular Materials (experiment; NASA; STS) {eng}
MGM - Mobile Guided Missile {eng}
MGM/PFT - Metabolic Gas Monitor/Pulmonary Function Tester {eng}
MGMT - Management {eng}
MGN - Magellan spacecraft {eng}
MGR - Manager {eng}
MGR - Minimum Government Requirements {eng}
MGR - Mobile Guided Rocket {eng}
MGRS - Military Grid Reference Systems (GPS) {eng}
MGS - Mars Global Surveyor (satellite; astronomy) {eng}
MGS - Miniature GPS [=Global Positioning System] Receiver (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MGS - Missile Guidance Set (20AF) {eng}
MGS - Missile Guidance System {eng}
MGS - Mission Ground Station {eng}
MGS - Mobile Ground Station {eng}
MGS - Mobile Ground System (TW/AA) {eng}
MGSE - Maintenance Ground Support Equipment {eng}
MGSE - Mechanical Ground Support Equipment {eng}
MGSS - Manned Geosynchronous Spacecraft Servicer {eng}
MGT - Major Ground Test {eng}
MGT - Management {eng}
MGT - Mobile Ground Terminal (DSP) {eng}
MGU - Moskovskij gosudarstvennyj univerzitet (Moskva, RF) [МГУ - Московский государственный универзитет (Москва, РФ)] {rus}
MGVT - Mated Ground Vibration Test {eng}
MH - Mail Handler (AFSC2S) {eng}
MH - Manhour(s) {eng}
MHA - Multiple Headset Adapter {eng}
MHAC - Multifrequency High-Gain Antenna Configuration {eng}
MHC - Manipulator Hand Controller {eng}
MHD - Magnetohydrodynamic {eng}
MHD - Multihead Disc {eng}
MHE - Material Handling Equipment {eng}
MHEX - Material Handling Extension {eng}
MHF - Medium High Frequency {eng}
MHF - Mirror Furnace {eng}
MHP - Magnetohydrodynamic Power {eng}
MHRR - Microgravity Hardware Read Review {eng}
MHRR - MSAD Hardware Reflight Review {eng}
MHS - MCU Host Software (ISS; STS) {eng}
MHS - Message Handling Service {eng}
MHS - Message Handling System {eng}
MHS - Microwave Humidity Sounder {eng}
MHSC - Manipulator Handset Controller {eng}
MHT - Missile Handling Team (20 AF) {eng}
MHTB - Multi Hydrogen Test Bed {eng}
MHTB - Multipurpose Hydrogen Test Bed {eng}
MHV - Miniature Homing Vehicle {eng}
MHW - Multihundred Watt {eng}
MHz - megahertz /also Megahertz/ (Megacycles per Second; 106 Hz; NASA; STS; DSCS; Pawe Paws) {eng}
mHz - millihertz (10-3 Hz) {eng}
MI - Magnetosphere Imager (was IMI) {eng}
MI - Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling {eng}
MI - Magnetospheric Imaging {eng}
MI - Management Information {eng}
MI - Management Integration {eng}
MI - Manufacturing Instruction {eng}
MI - Michigan (USA; state) {eng}
MI - Microscopic Imager (MER; NASA) {eng}
mi - mile(s) {eng}
MI - mile(s) {eng}
mi - mile(s) {eng}
MI - Military Intelligence {eng}
MI - Minority Institutions (contract) {eng}
MI - Modification Instruction {eng}
MI - Module Insert (ISS) {eng}
mi2 - square miles {eng}
MIA - Missing in Action {eng}
MIA - Mission Implementation Agreement {eng}
MIA - Multiplex Interface Adapter /also Multiplexer Interface Adapter/ (NASA; STS) {eng}
MIB - Management Information Base (AFSC2S) {eng}
MIB - Master Interconnect Board {eng}
MIB - Medical Information Bus {eng}
MIB - Metric Interface Buffer {eng}
MIB - Minimum Impulse Bit {eng}
MIB - Multilayer Interconnection Board {eng}
MIBS - MSFC Identification Badging System {eng}
MIC - Management Information Center {eng}
MIC - Mars Imaging Camera (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MIC - Medium Interface Connector {eng}
MIC - Microphone {eng}
MIC - Microwave Integrated Circuit {eng}
MIC - Military Information Center (TW/AA) {eng}
MIC - Minimum Ignition Current {eng}
MIC - Mission Integration Contract (contract) {eng}
MIC - Monitoring, Identification and Correlation {eng}
MIC - Monolithic Integrated Circuit {eng}
MIC - Multiple Instrument Chamber {eng}
MIC - Mutual Interface Chart {eng}
MICA - Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac (astronomy; USNO) {eng}
MICAP - Mission Capability (AFSPC/LK) {eng}
MICD - Mechanical Interface Control Document (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MICD - Mechanical Interface Control Drawing {eng}
MICE - Military-Industrial Complex Engineers {eng}
MICG - Mercury Iodide Crystal Growth (experiment) {eng}
MICIS - Material Information Control and Information System {eng}
MICOM - Missile Command (Army) {eng}
MICOM - U.S. Army Missile Command {eng}
Micro - Micro-Laboratory Satellite {eng}
Microscope - MICROSatellite a trainée Compensée pour l'Observation du Principe d'Equivalence (CNES) {fre}
MICS - Management Information and Control System {eng}
MICS - Material Inventory Control System {eng}
MICS - MVS Information Control System {eng}
MID - Measurement Identification {eng}
MID - Midbody {eng}
MIDAS - Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System {eng}
MIDAS - Materials In Devices As Superconductors {eng}
MIDAS - Micro-Imaging Dust Analysing System /also Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System/ (experiment; Rosetta; project; ESA) {eng}
Midas - Missile Defense Alarm System {eng}
MIDAS - Missile Defense Alarm System (USA) {eng}
MIDAS - Missile Intercept Data Acquisition System (USA) {eng}
MIDDS - Meteorological Interactive Data and Display System (AFSPC/DOGW) {eng}
MIDDS/MEIDAS - Meteorological Interactive Display Data System/Man Computer Interactive Data Access System {eng}
MIDEX - Mid-Class Explorer {eng}
MIDEX - Middle-Sized Explorer /also Medium-Class Explorer/ (satellite; ISS) {eng}
MIDOP - Missile Dopple {eng}
MIDOR - Missdistance Optical Recorder (USA) {eng}
Midot - Multiple Interferometer Determination of Trajectory {eng}
Midrange EC - Midrange Electronic Commerce {eng}
MIDS - Mission Integration and Divisional Science {eng}
MIE - Mechanical Integration Engineer {eng}
MIE - Modal Identification Experiment {eng}
MIEE - Marshall Integrated Engineering Environment {eng}
MIF - Management Information Format {eng}
MIF - Module Integration Facility {eng}
MIF - Monopole Antenna Interface Section (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MIF-M - Investigation on Interball (TAIL S/C) {eng}
MIFSA - Missile In-Flight Safety Approval {eng}
MIG - Metal Inert Gas {eng}
MIG - Miniature Integrating Gyroscope {eng}
MIIDS - Military Integrated Intelligence Data System {eng}
MIJI - Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference (AFI 10-1204) {eng}
MIK - montažno-ispytatel'nyj korpus (ISS) [МИК - монтажно-испытательный корпус] {rus}
MIKE - military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "M" {eng}
MIL - Merritt Island, FL (STDN Site) {eng}
MIL - Milgo Electronic Corp. {eng}
MIL - Military {eng}
Mil - Military {eng}
MIL - Missile Industry Liaison {eng}
mil - thousandths of an inch {eng}
MIL-HDBK - Military Handbook {eng}
MIL-STD - Military Standard (DSCS; ISS) {eng}
MILA - Merritt Island Launch Area (USA; NASA; STS; CAIB; NAIB; ISS) {eng}
MILA - Moding Indicator Light Assembly (ISS) {eng}
MILC - Modified Intermediate Low Cycle {eng}
MILCON - Military Construction {eng}
MILE - Minuteman Integrated Life Extension (20AF) {eng}
MILES - Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System {eng}
MILnet - Defense data network {eng}
MILNET - Military Network {eng}
MILnet - Unclassified segment of the Defense Data Network (DDN) {eng}
MILO - Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator (USAF) {eng}
MILS - Missile Impact Location System {eng}
MILS/PAC - Missile Impact Location System, Pacific (USA) {eng}
MILSATCOM - Military Satellite Communications (DoD; system; USAF) {eng}
MILSPEC - Military Specification {eng}
MILSTAMP - Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedure {eng}
Milstar - Military Strategic and Tactical Relay {eng}
MILSTAR - Military Strategic and Tectical Relay Satellite (USAF) {eng}
Milstar - Military Strategic, Tactical and Relay (satellite system) {eng}
MILSTAR - Military Strategic/Tactical and Relay Satellite {eng}
MILSTRIP - - Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure {eng}
MILSTRIP - Military Standard Requisition and Issue Procedure {eng}
MIM - Micom Systems, Inc. {eng}
MIM - Microgravity Isolation Measurement {eng}
MIM - Microgravity Isolation Mount {eng}
MIM - Multi-Image Manager {eng}
MIM - Multi-Increment Manifest (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension {eng}
MIMGR - Multi-Image Integrity Manager {eng}
MIMI - Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (JPL; Cassini) {eng}
MIMIC - Microwave/Millimeter Wave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (USAF) {eng}
MIMIC - Monolithic Microwave/Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit {eng}
MIMO - Multiple Input, Multiple Output {eng}
MIMOSA - Microaccelerometric Measurements of Satellite Acceleration {eng}
MIMOSA - Mission Modes and Space Analysis {eng}
MIMR - Matagorda Island Missile Range, TX (USA) {eng}
MIMR - Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer (EOSDIS) {eng}
MIMS - Manufacturing Inventory Management System {eng}
MIMS - Marshall Information Management System {eng}
MIMS - Medical Information Management System {eng}
MIN - Minimum (Apollo) {eng}
MIN - Minor (STS; NASA) {eng}
min - minute(s) /also Minute(s)/ {eng}
min - minute(s) /also Minute/ {eng}
MIN - minute(s) (min preferred; ISS) {eng}
MINAC - Minuteman Action Committee (USA) {eng}
MINAPS - Miniature Accessory Power Supply {eng}
MINC - Module Interconnect {eng}
MIND - Magnetic Integrator Neuron Duplicator {eng}
MINEAC - Miniature Electronic Autocollimator {eng}
Mini AERCam - Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera {eng}
Mini-MADS - Minimodular Auxiliary Data System {eng}
Mini-PIC - Mini-Payload Integration Center {eng}
Mini-TES - Miniature-Thermal Emission Spectrometer (MER; NASA) {eng}
MINITRACK - Minimum-Weight Tracking System (USA) {eng}
MINOS - Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search {eng}
MINOS - Multiple Independent NOmadic Stargazer (GPS) {eng}
MINS - Marshall Information Network System {eng}
MINS - Miniature Inertial Navigation System {eng}
MINW - Master Interface Network {eng}
MIO - Management Integration Office {eng}
MIOC - Memory Input/Output Controller {eng}
MIOS - Multi-IMU Operation System {eng}
MIP - Maintainability Implementation Plan {eng}
MIP - Management Implementation Plan {eng}
MIP - Mandatory Inspection Point (NASA; STS; acronyms$dWWW) {eng}
MIP - Material Improvement Program {eng}
MIP - Maximum Intensity Pixel {eng}
MIP - Medium Interface Point {eng}
MIP - Minimum Impulse Pulse {eng}
MIP - Missile Impact Prediction {eng}
MIP - Missile Impact Predictor (BMEWS) {eng}
MIP - Mission Integration Panel {eng}
MIP - Mission Integration Plan (STS; ISS) {eng}
MIP - MMU Integration Plan {eng}
MIP - Modification Instruction Package {eng}
MIP - Mutual Impedance Probe (Rosetta) {eng}
MIPE - Magnetic Induction Plasma Engine {eng}
MIPIR - Metric Improved Precision Instrumentation Radar (20 AF) {eng}
MIPIR - Missile Precision Instrumentation Radar {eng}
MIPOP - Missile Impact Predictor Operating Program (BMEWS) {eng}
MIPR - Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request {eng}
MIPR - Military Intergovernmental Purchase Request {eng}
MIPS - Marshall Integrated Plotting System {eng}
MIPS - Merritt Island Press Site {eng}
MIPS - million instructions per second {eng}
Mips - million instructions per second {eng}
MIPS - Million(s) Instructions per Second {eng}
Mips - Million(s) of Instructions per Second {eng}
MIPS - Mir Interface Payload System {eng}
MIPS - Missile Impact Prediction System {eng}
MIPS - Missile Information Processing System {eng}
MIPS - Mission Integrated Planning System {eng}
MIPS - Multiband Imaging Photometer for SIRTF {eng}
MIPS - Mutiband Imaging Photometer {eng}
MIR - Malfunction Investigation Report {eng}
MIR - Microwave Imaging Radiometer (USAF) {eng}
MIR - Mirror (Apollo) {eng}
MIR - Mission Integration Review {eng}
MIR - Russian Space Station (ISS) {eng}
MIRACL - Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser {eng}
MIRADS - Marshall Information Retrieval and Display System {eng}
MIRAN - Missile Ranging {eng}
MIRAS - Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis (satellite; project; SMOS; ESA) {eng}
MIRAS - Mir Infrared Atmospheric Spectrometer {eng}
MIRFS - Multifunction Integrated Radio Frequency System (USAF; JAST) {eng}
MirGBX - Mir Glovebox {eng}
MIRO - Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter (experiment; Rosetta; project; ESA) {eng}
MIROS - Modulated Inducting Retrodirective Optical System {eng}
MIRR - Material Inspection and Receiving Report {eng}
MIRT - Martin Infrared Tracker (USA) {eng}
MIRTRAK - Martin Infrared Tracker (USA) {eng}
MIRV - Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles {eng}
MIS - Magnetic Isolation System {eng}
MIS - Man in Space {eng}
MIS - Management Information System (NASA) {eng}
MIS - Master Integrated Schedule {eng}
MIS - Medical Information System {eng}
MIS - Metal-Insulator Semiconductor {eng}
MIS - Missile Inert Storage {eng}
MIS - Mission Information Subsystem {eng}
MISAO - Multitudinous Image-based Sky-survey by Accumulative Observations (astronomy) {eng}
MISC - Miscellaneous {eng}
MISCAP - Mission Capabilities Statement (AFR 55-15) {eng}
MiSDE - Mir Structural Dynamics Experiment {eng}
MISER - Manned Interceptor SAGE Evaluation Routine (USA) {eng}
MISHAP - Missile High-Speed Assembly Program (USA) {eng}
MISN - Master Integrated Schedule/Network {eng}
MISP - Man-in-Space Program (USA) {eng}
MISR - Multi-angle Imaging Spectroradiometer /also Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer; also Multiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer/ (EOSDIS) {eng}
MISRAN - Missile Range {eng}
MISRD - Mockup Integrated Simulator Requirements Document {eng}
MISS - Man-in-Space Soonest (USA) {eng}
MISS - Marshall Integrated Support System /also MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Integrated Support System/ {eng}
MISS - Missile Intercept Simulation System {eng}
MISS - Mission {eng}
MISS - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Information Services Support {eng}
MISSE - Materials International Space Station Experiments (ISS) {eng}
MISSE - Materials ISS Experiment (experiment; ISS) {eng}
MISSI - Multilevel Information Security Systems Initiative {eng}
MIST - Mosaic Infrared Sensor Technology {eng}
MISTI - Miniature Seeker Technology Integration (DOD) {eng}
MISTRAM - Missile Trajectory Measurement (USA) {eng}
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA; USA) {eng}
MIT - Master Instruction Tape {eng}
MIT - Mission Independent Training {eng}
MITA - Manufacturing Integration Test Assembly {eng}
MITA - Microsatellite Italiano di Tecnologia Avanzata {ita}
MITE - Master Instrumentation Timing Equipment {eng}
MITE - Missile Integration Terminal Equipment {eng}
MITF - Mission Integrated Training Facility {eng}
MITI - Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Tokyo; Japan) {eng}
MITRE - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Extension {eng}
MITS - Marshall Integrated Telecommunications System {eng}
MITS - MSFC Integrated Telephone System {eng}
MITTS - Mobile Igor Tracking Telescope System {eng}
MIU - MPE Interface Unit {eng}
MIU - Multiplex Interface Unit {eng}
MIUL - Materials Identification and Usage List {eng}
MIUS - Modular Integrated Utility Systems {eng}
MIW - Management Information Warehouse {eng}
MJ - Mechanical Joint {eng}
MJ - Millijoule (mJ preferred) {eng}
MJCA - Midbody Jettison Control Assembly {eng}
MJD - Modified Julian Date (astronomy) {eng}
MJPO - MILSATCOM Joint Program Office {eng}
MJPO - Milstar Joint Program Office {eng}
MJS - Manipulator Jettison System (Subsystem) {eng}
MJS77 - Mariner Jupiter/Saturn 1977 {eng}
MK - Mark (20 AF) {eng}
MKA - malogabaritnyj kosmičeskij apparat [МКА - малогабаритный космический аппарат] {rus}
MKF - mnogozonal'nyj kosmičeskij fotoapparat (Saljut) [МКФ - многозональный космический фотоаппарат] {rus}
MKI - Mark Input (GPS) {eng}
MKK - Morgan, Keenan and Kellman Classification (astronomy) {eng}
MKKV - Multiple Interceptor Kinetic Kill Vehicle {eng}
MKS - Meter-Kilogram-Second /also meter-kilogram-second/ (metric system) {eng}
MKS - Meždunarodnaja kosmičeskaja stancija (ISS) [МКС - Международная космическая станция] {rus}
MKSYSB - Make System Backup {eng}
MKTI - Mission Kit Technical Instruction {eng}
MKV - Miniature Kill Vehicle {eng}
ML - Middeck Left {eng}
ML - Missile Launcher {eng}
ML - Mission Life {eng}
ML - Mobile Launcher {eng}
ML - Mold Line {eng}
ML PED - Mobile Launcher Pedestal {eng}
MLA - MDM Launch Aft {eng}
MLA - Mercury Laser Altimeter (experiment; MESSENGER) {eng}
MLA - Merrit Island, Florida (MSFN Site; Apollo) {eng}
MLA - Monochrome Lens Assembly {eng}
MLA - Multilinear Array {eng}
MLA - Multispectral Linear Array {eng}
Mlb - Million pounds {eng}
MLB - Multilayer Board {eng}
MLC - Memory Load Command (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MLC - Mobile Launcher Computer {eng}
MLCB - Missile Launch Control Blockhouse {eng}
MLCC - Mobile Launch Control Center {eng}
MLD - Medium-Level Discriminator {eng}
mLd - million liters per day {eng}
MLDS - Multivibrator Life Detection System {eng}
MLE - Maximum Likelihood Estimation {eng}
MLE - Mesoscale Lightning Experiment {eng}
MLE - Middeck Locker Equivalent (ISS) {eng}
MLE - Mobile Launcher Equipment {eng}
MLE - Mobile Liaison Element (C4SMP) {eng}
MLEB - Management Level Evaluation Board (AFMPC) {eng}
MLF - MDM Launch Forward {eng}
MLF - Multilateral Force {eng}
MLG - Main Landing Gear (STS) {eng}
MLGS - Microwave Landing Guidance System {eng}
MLI - Multi-Layer Insulation /also Multilayer Insulation/ (STS; ISS; NASA; MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA; HST) {eng}
MLI - Multilayer Insulation (ISS) {eng}
MLL - Manned Lunar Landing {eng}
MLL - Manned Lunar Launching {eng}
MLL - MDM Launch Left {eng}
MLLP - Manned Lunar Landing Program (USA) {eng}
MLP - Mobile Launch Platform (NASA; STS; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MLP - Mobile Launcher Platform (STS; ISS) {eng}
MLP - Monitored Line Program {eng}
MLP - Multi-Level Telephone (AFSPC/SC) {eng}
MLP - Multiline Phones {eng}
MLPN - Maintenance Planning (Data Base) {eng}
MLPP - Multilevel Precedence and Preemption {eng}
MLR - Mass Loss Rate {eng}
MLR - MDM Launch Right {eng}
MLR - Monodisperse Latex Reactor {eng}
MLR - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Lead Representative {eng}
MLRO - Matera Laser Ranging Observatory (Matera; Itálie) (Italy) {eng}
MLRS - McDonald Laser Ranging System {eng}
MLRS - Monodisperse Latex Reactor System {eng}
MLRS - Multiple Launch Rocket System {eng}
MLRV - Missile Less Re-Entry Vehicle {eng}
MLS - Microwave Landing System (NASA) {eng}
MLS - Microwave Limb Sounder (experiment; UARS) {eng}
MLSA - Modified Launch Services Agreement {eng}
MLSC - Minuteman Launch Support Center {eng}
MLSC - Missile Launching System Control {eng}
MLSS - Missile Launch Surveillance System (USA) {eng}
MLT - Magnetic Local Time {eng}
MLT - Median Lethal Time {eng}
MLT - Mesosphere/Lower Thermosphere {eng}
MLT - Military Liaison Team (AFMPC) {eng}
MLT - Mission Life Test {eng}
MLTI - Mesosphere, Lower Thermosphere, and Ionosphere {eng}
MLU - Memory Loading Unit {eng}
MLV - Medium Launch Vehicle (USAF; DSCS) {eng}
MLV - Medium Lift Vehicle /also Medium-lift Vehicle/ {eng}
MLV - Multi-purpose Launch Vehicle {eng}
MLV+ - Medium-Lift Variant With Solid Rocket Motor Strap-ons {eng}
MLVE - Middeck Locker Volume Equivalent {eng}
MLW - Maximum Landing Weight {eng}
MLX - Merritt Island, FL (STDN Site, Second Antenna) {eng}
MM - Main Memory {eng}
MM - Main Module {eng}
MM - Major Mode {eng}
MM - Man-Month {eng}
MM - Management Manual {eng}
MM - Marshall Manual {eng}
MM - Mass Memory {eng}
MM - Math Model {eng}
MM - Media Management (NACC) {eng}
MM - mesoscale model {eng}
mm - millimeter(s) /also Millimeter/ {eng}
mm - millimeter(s) /also Millimeter(s)/ (10-3 m; ISS; Apollo) {eng}
MM - Minuteman (USA; 20AF) {eng}
MM - Missile Master (USA) {eng}
MM - Mission Manager {eng}
MM - Momentum Management {eng}
MM - Multi-Access Article (ISS) {eng}
MM - Multi-Axis Article (ISS) {eng}
MM/OD - Micro Meteoroid/Orbital Debris /also Micrometeoroid/Orbital Debris/ (ISS) {eng}
MMA - Mass Memory Assembly {eng}
MMA - Microgravity Measurement Assembly {eng}
MMA - Module Manager Application {eng}
MMA - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Management Association {eng}
MMA - Multiplexer Mating Adapter {eng}
MMAC - Materiel Management Aggregation Code {eng}
MMACS - Maintenance Management and Control System {eng}
MMACS - Maintenance, Mechanical Arm, and Crew System Engineer {eng}
MMAG - Martin Marietta Astronautics Group {eng}
MMAP - Microgravity Measurement and Analysis Project {eng}
MMAS - Material Management Accountability System {eng}
MMAS - Material Management Accounting System {eng}
mmBtu - Million British Thermal Units {eng}
MMC - Martin Marietta Corp. {eng}
MMC - Metal Matrix Composite (USAF) {eng}
MMC - Mid Motor Controller {eng}
MMC - Midcourse Measurement Correction {eng}
MMC - Mission Management Center {eng}
MMC - Mission Management Computer {eng}
MMC - Modular Mission Computer (USAF) {eng}
MMC - Monthly Maintenance Credit {eng}
MMCA - Midbody Motor Control Assembly {eng}
MMCC - Milstar Master Control Center {eng}
MMCC - Mir Mission Control Center {eng}
MMCC - Mission Management and Control Centre (ESA) {eng}
MMCC-M - Mir Mission Control Center - Moscow {eng}
MMCCS - Milstar Mobile Constellation Control Station {eng}
MMcf - Million Cubic Feet (EPA) {eng}
MMCH/Y - Mean Maintenance Crew Hours per Year {eng}
MMCL - Master Measurement(s) and Control List {eng}
MMCL - Master Measurements and Command List {eng}
MMCR - Monthly Maintenance Credit Report {eng}
MMCX - Multimedia Communications Exchange (Lucent) (GPS) {eng}
MMD - Mass-Measurement Device {eng}
MMD - Mean Mission Duration {eng}
MMD - Mobile Maintenance Depot {eng}
MMDB - Mass Memory Data Base {eng}
MMDB - Master Measurement Data Base {eng}
MMDB - Milstar Master Data Base {eng}
MMDB - Mission Manifesting Data Base {eng}
MMDF - Mission Model Data File {eng}
MMDL - Microminiature Delay Lines {eng}
MMDM - Multi Multplexer-Demultiplexer {eng}
MMDS - Mission Management Data System {eng}
MME - Man Month Equivalents {eng}
MME - Master Multiplexer Encoder {eng}
MMEF - Mobile Missile Emplacement Facility {eng}
MMES - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Mated Element Systems {eng}
MMFF - Modular Multizone Furnace Facility (now SSFF) {eng}
MMH - Maintenance Man-Hour {eng}
MMH - Monomethylhydrazine /also Monomethyl Hydrazine/ (propellant; fuel; CH3N.NH2; DSCS) {eng}
MMHE - Munitions Materiel Handling Equipment {eng}
mmHg - millimeters of Mercury {eng}
MMI - Man-Machine Interface {eng}
MMI - Marshall Management Instruction {eng}
MMI - Mode-Medium Instability {eng}
MMI - Moon-Mars Initiative (now MFPE) {eng}
MMIC - Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit /also Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit/ (USAF) {eng}
MMICS - Maintenance Management Information Control System {eng}
MMIS - Manpower Management Information System {eng}
MMIS - Marshall Management Information System {eng}
MMIS - Military Man in Space {eng}
MML - Master Measurement List (STS; NASA) {eng}
MML - Master Measurement(s) List {eng}
MMLS - Model-Modes-Loads-Stresses {eng}
MMM - Mars Mission Module {eng}
MMM - Mass Memory Module (NASA; STS) {eng}
MMM - Missile Maintenance Mechanic {eng}
MMM - Multimission Module {eng}
MMMD - Micro Mass-Measurement Device {eng}
MMMH - Mean Maintenance Man Hours {eng}
MMMS - Martin Marietta Manned Space System {eng}
MMMS - Militarized Multimission Modular Spacecraft {eng}
MMMSS - Martin Marietta Manned Space Station {eng}
MMO - Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (BepiColombo) {eng}
MMO - MILSATCOM Management Office {eng}
MMO - Minuteman Ordnance (USA) {eng}
MMO - Mission Management Office Meeting {eng}
MMOC - Mars Express Mission Operation Center (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MMOD - Micrometeoroid Orbital Debris /also Micrometeoroid/Orbital Debris; also Micrometeoroid or Orbital Debris; also Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris; also Micro-Meteoroid/Orbital Debris/ (NASA; ISS; NAIB; CAIB; STS) {eng}
MMOD - Milstar Manpower and Organization Document {eng}
MMOS - Multimode Optical Sensor {eng}
MMP - Magnetospheric Multiprobe {eng}
MMP - Missed Message Probability (USSPACECOM/J6) {eng}
MMPF - Microgravity and Materials Processing Facility {eng}
MMPO - Mission Management and Planning Office (ESA) {eng}
MMPP - Master Mission Phasing Plan {eng}
MMPSE - Multiuse Mission Payload Support Equipment {eng}
MMR - Mean Manhours to Repair {eng}
MMRBM - Mobile Medium-Range Ballistic Missile {eng}
MMRBM - Mobile Midrange Ballistic Missile {eng}
MMRS - Manned Military Recovery System {eng}
MMS - Maintenance Management System {eng}
MMS - Manufacturing Message Specification {eng}
MMS - Marshall Management System {eng}
MMS - Matra Marconi Space (UK) {eng}
MMS - Missile Maintenance Squadron {eng}
MMS - Mission Modular Spacecraft {eng}
MMS - Modular Modeling System {eng}
MMS - Modular Multiband Scanner {eng}
MMS - Momentum Management System {eng}
MMS - Multimission Modular Spacecraft /also Multi-mission Modular Spacecraft/ (STS) {eng}
MMS - Multimission Spacecraft {eng}
MMS - Multistatic Measurement System {eng}
MMSA - Mars Express Mission Support Area (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MMSA - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Microgravity Science and Applications /also Marshall Microgravity Science and Applications/ {eng}
MMSAPO - MSFC [=Marshall Space Flight Center] Microgravity Science and Applications Projects Office /also Marshall Microgravity Science and Applications Projects Office/ {eng}
MMSE - Multimission Support Equipment {eng}
MMSE - Multiuse Mission Support Equipment (STS) {eng}
MMSL - Microgravity Materials Science Laboratory {eng}
MMSPO - Microgravity Materials Science Projects Office {eng}
MMSS - Manned Maneuverable Space System {eng}
MMT - Mass Memory Test {eng}
MMT - Missile Maintenance Team (20 AF) {eng}
MMT - Missile Maintenance Technician {eng}
MMT - Mission Management Team (NASA; STS; ISS) {eng}
MMT - Multiple Mirror Telescope (astronomy) {eng}
MMTD - Miniaturized Munition Technology Demonstration (USAF) {eng}
MMTS - Manned Military Test Station {eng}
MMTT - Mobile Minuteman Train Test (USA) {eng}
MMU - Manned Maneuvering Unit (NASA; STS) {eng}
MMU - Mass Memory Unit (Milstar; STS; NASA; ISS) {eng}
MMU - Midcourse Measurement Unit {eng}
MMU - Modular Memory Unit {eng}
MMUM - Mass Memory Update Manager {eng}
MMV - Mission Manager Verification {eng}
MMV - Monthly Maintenance Values {eng}
MMVR - Monthly Maintenance Value Report {eng}
MMW - Millimeter Wave (TW/AA; USAF) {eng}
MMW - Minuteman Wing {eng}
MMWG - Multimission Working Group (Titan IV) {eng}
MMWR - Millimeter Wave Radar {eng}
MMWS - Modular Mini-Workstation (ISS) {eng}
MN - Main {eng}
MN - Master Net (Milstar) {eng}
MN - Minnesota (USA; state) {eng}
MNA - Main Bus A {eng}
MNA - Mission Need Analysis (NDS) {eng}
MNA - MSFC Network Architecture {eng}
MNB - Main Bus B {eng}
MNBA - Minimum Normal Burst Altitude {eng}
MNC - Main Bus C {eng}
MNCC - Marshall Network Control Center {eng}
MnCdTe - Manganese Cadmium Telluride {eng}
MND - Minister of National Defence (Canada) {eng}
MNFC - Maximum No-Fire Current {eng}
MNFE - Maximum No-Fire Energy {eng}
MNFP - Maximum No-Fire Power {eng}
MNFS - Maximum No-Fire Stimulus {eng}
MNFV - Maximum No-Fire Voltage {eng}
MNOR - Missile Not Operationally Ready {eng}
MNORM - Missile Not Operationatly Ready for Lack of Maintenance {eng}
MNORP - Missile Not Operationally Ready for Lack of Parts {eng}
MNOS - Metal-Nitride-Oxide Semiconductor {eng}
MNPO - Multinational Program Office {eng}
MNPSEC - Magnetosphere/Near Plasma Sheet Equatorial Cluster {eng}
MNRAS - Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (astronomy) {eng}
MNS - Mission Need(s) Statement (USAF) {eng}
MNTV - Mercury Network Test Vehicle (USA) {eng}
MNVR - Maneuver (Apollo) {eng}
MO - Magneto Optical {eng}
MO - Major Objective {eng}
MO - Management Operations {eng}
MO - Manned Orbiter {eng}
MO - Manual Orientation {eng}
MO - Manufacturing Order {eng}
MO - Mars Observer (satellite; spacecraft) {eng}
MO - Master Oscillator (Milstar) {eng}
MO - Medical Operations (ISS) {eng}
MO - medicinskoje obsledovanije (ISS) [МО - медицинское обследование] {rus}
MO - Mexico Oscar {eng}
MO - Middeck Overhead {eng}
MO - Mission Operations {eng}
MO - Missouri (USA; state) {eng}
MO - Module Outfitting {eng}
MO - modus operandi {lat}
Mo - Molybdenum {eng}
mo - month(s) {eng}
MO - Move {eng}
MO RF - Ministerstvo oborony RF [МО РФ - Министерство обороны РФ] {rus}
MO&DA - Mission Operations and Data Analysis {eng}
MO&DSD - Mission Operations and Data Systems Directorate {eng}
MOA - Make on Arrival {eng}
MOA - Manifestations of Apprehension {eng}
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement /also Memorandum Of Agreement/ (USAF) {eng}
MOA - Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics (astronomy) {eng}
MOA - Military Operating Area(s) {eng}
MOA - Minute-of-Angle {eng}
MOA - Mount Observer Automation {eng}
MOAR - MPLM Overhead Access Rig {eng}
MOB - Main Operating Base {eng}
MOB - Missile Order of Battle {eng}
MOBDP - Mission Onboard Data Processing (AFSPC/DOP) {eng}
Mobile - Remote Servicer Base System (ISS) {eng}
MOBIS - Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services (ISS) {eng}
MOBLAS - Mobile Laser Ranging System {eng}
MOBS - Multiple-Orbit Bombardment System {eng}
MOC - Main Operations Center {eng}
MOC - Marine Operation Center {eng}
MOC - Marine Operations Center (C4SMP) {eng}
MOC - Mars Observer Camera (MO Instrument) {eng}
MOC - Mars Orbital Camera (MER; NASA) {eng}
MOC - Master Operational Controller {eng}
MOC - Master Operations Center {eng}
MOC - Milstar Operations Center {eng}
MOC - Missile Operation Center {eng}
MOC - Mission Operation Center (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MOC - Mission Operations Center (CSOC; NASA) {eng}
MOC - Mission Operations Centre {eng}
MOC - Mission Operations Computer {eng}
MOC - Missions Operations Center {eng}
MOC-2 - Mars Global Surveyor Camera (MGS Instrument) {eng}
MOCC - Mission Operations Control Center {eng}
MOCF - Mission Operations Computational Facilities {eng}
MOCM - Missile Out of Commission for Maintenance {eng}
MOCMP - Milstar Operational Communications Management Plan {eng}
MOCP - Missile Out of Commission for Parts {eng}
MOCR - Mission Operational Control Room /also Mission Operation Control Room/ {eng}
MOCR - Mission Operations Control Room (JSC; NASA; Apollo) {eng}
MOCS - Multichannel Ocean Color Sensor {eng}
MOCV - Manual O2 Control Valve {eng}
MOD - Ministry of Defence (UK) {eng}
MOD - Minuteman Operating Directive (USA) {eng}
MOD - Miscellaneous Obligating Document {eng}
MOD - Mission Objectives Document {eng}
MOD - Mission Operations Director {eng}
MOD - Mission Operations Directorate (ISS) {eng}
MOD - Modification {eng}
MOD - Modify {eng}
MOD - Modular {eng}
MOD - Modulate {eng}
MOD - Modulation {eng}
MOD - Modulator {eng}
MOD - Module (NASA; STS) {eng}
MOD - Module Outfitting Design {eng}
MOD(PE) - Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) (UK) {eng}
MOD/UM - Modulated/Unmodulated {eng}
MODART - Methods of Defeating Advanced Radar Threats {eng}
MODB - Master Object Data Base {eng}
MODE - Middeck Zero-Gravity Dynamics Experiment {eng}
MODEM - Modulator-Demodulator {eng}
modem - Modulator-Demodulator {eng}
MODEST - Michigan Orbital Debris Survey Telescope {eng}
MODF - Modification {eng}
MODGEN - Model Generator (ISS) {eng}
modified AMI Code - Modified Alternate Mark Inversion Code {eng}
MODIS - Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (EOSDIS) {eng}
MODIS - Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer /also Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer; also Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer/ (NASA; Aqua; Terra; STS) {eng}
MODIS-N - MODIS [=Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer] - Nadir (EOSDIS) {eng}
MODIS-T - MODIS [=Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer] - Tilt (EOSDIS) {eng}
MODLAN - Mission Operations Division Local Area Network {eng}
MODLAND - MODIS Land {eng}
MoDNET - Mission Operations and Data Systems Directorate Operational Development Network {eng}
MODS - Manned Orbital Development Station {eng}
MODS - Military Orbital Development Station (USA) {eng}
MODS - Mission Operations and Data System {eng}
MODS - Modifications {eng}
MODU - Master Oscillator Distribution Unit (Milstar) {eng}
MOE - Measure of Effectiveness (CSOC) {eng}
MOF - Manned Orbital Flight {eng}
MOH - Mohawk Data Sciences {eng}
MOI - Moment of Inertia {eng}
MOID - Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance (astronomy) {eng}
MOIWG - Mission Operations and Integration Working Group {eng}
MOK - magistral' otkački kondenzata (ISS) [МОК - магистраль откачки кондензата] {rus}
MOKA - Mitaka Okayama Kiso Data Archive System (astronomy) {eng}
MOL - Manned Orbiting Laboratory /also Manned Orbital Laboratory/ (USA) {eng}
MOL - Mission Operations Laboratory {eng}
mol - mole {eng}
MOL - Molecular {eng}
MOLA - Mars Observer Laser Altimeter (MO, MS Instrument) {eng}
MOLAB - Mobile Lunar Laboratory (USA) {eng}
MOLC - Multiple Operational Launch Complex {eng}
MOM - Manager of Managers {eng}
MOM - MASC [=Milstar Auxiliary Support Center] Operations Manager (Milstar) {eng}
MOM - Measure of Merit {eng}
MOM - Missile Operations Manager {eng}
MOM - Mission Operations Manager {eng}
MOM - Mobile Optical Mount {eng}
MOM - Moment {eng}
MOMS - Mir Optoelectrical Multispectral Scanner {eng}
MOMS - Modular Optoelectronic Multispectral Scanner {eng}
MOMS - Multiple Orbits-Multiple Satellite {eng}
MON - Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen {eng}
MON - Monitor (Apollo) {eng}
MON - Monitor Data (DSN) {eng}
MON - Monitor System (DSN) {eng}
MON-3 - Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen {eng}
MOND - Modified Newtonian Dynamics (Milgrom, Mordecai; alternative theory of gravity) {eng}
MonTASS - Monocoque Tank Analysis Spreadsheet System {eng}
MOO - Management Operations Office {eng}
MoO - Mission of Opportunity (ISS) {eng}
MOODS - Multiple Orbiting Objects Dynamics Simulation {eng}
MOOTW - Military Operations Other Than War (USAF) {eng}
MOP - Maximum Operating Pressure {eng}
MOP - Measure of Performance {eng}
MOP - Memorandum of Policy {eng}
MOP - Meteosat Operational Programme {eng}
MOP - Mission Operations Plan {eng}
MOP - Mission Optimization Program {eng}
MOPA - Master Oscillator Power Amplifier {eng}
MOPI - Max Rate Output Initiator {eng}
MOPITT - Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (EOSDIS) {eng}
MOPLN - Mission Orbit Planning (CPCI 230) {eng}
MOPP - Mobility Orientation Protection Posture {eng}
MOPR - Mission Operations Planning Review {eng}
MOPR - Mission Operations Planning Room {eng}
MOPS - Military Operations Phone System {eng}
MOPS - Million Operations per Second {eng}
MOPS - Minimum Operational Performance Standard (GPS) {eng}
MOPS - Missile Operating Phone Set {eng}
MOPS - Missile Operations {eng}
MOPS - Mission Operations Planning System {eng}
Moptar - Multiple Object Phase Tracking and Ranging {eng}
MOPTS - Mobile Photographic Tracking Station {eng}
MOR - Manufacturing Operation Record {eng}
MOR - Mars Orbital Rendezvous {eng}
MOR - Missile Operationally Ready {eng}
MOR - Mission Operations Record {eng}
MOR - Mission Operations Report {eng}
MORD - Medical Operations Requirements Document {eng}
MORD - Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Document {eng}
MORD - Mission Operations Requirements Document {eng}
MORES - Metal Oxide Regenerable Subsystem {eng}
MORL - Manned Orbital Research Laboratory (USA) {eng}
MORL - Medium Orbital Research Laboratory (USA) {eng}
MORO - Moon Orbiting Observatory (satellite) {eng}
MORT - Management Oversight and Risk Tree {eng}
MORT - Missile Operational Readiness Test {eng}
MOS - Margin of Safety {eng}
MOS - Marine Observation Satellite (Japan) {eng}
MOS - Metal Oxide on a Substrate {eng}
MOS - Metal Oxide Semiconductor /also Metal-Oxide Semiconductor/ {eng}
MOS - Military Operational Specialty (Army) {eng}
MoS - Ministry of Supply (United Kingdom) {eng}
MOS - Missile on Site {eng}
MOS - Mission Operations System {eng}
MOS-CCD - Metal Oxide Semiconductor - Charge Coupled Device {eng}
MOSAIC - Mobile System for Accurate ICBM [=Intercontinental Ballistic Missile] Control (USA) {eng}
MOSC - Marshall Online Supply Catalog {eng}
MOSC - Mission Operations Support Complex (GPS) {eng}
MOSC - Mission Support Directorate Operations and Support Contract {eng}
MOSES - Milstar Operational Support Executive System {eng}
MOSFET - Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor {eng}
MOSI - Missile Operational Status Interrogation (20 AF) {eng}
MOSIS - Monolithic Silicon Sensor {eng}
MOSL - Manned Orbital Space Laboratory (USA) {eng}
MOSO - Multimission Operations Systems Office (JPL) {eng}
MOSP - Manual Operational Status Print (20 AF) {eng}
MOSPF - Multicast Open Shortest Path First {eng}
MOSPO - Mobile Satellite Photometric Observatory {eng}
MOSR - Missile Operational Status Response (20 AF) {eng}
MOSS - Maintenance Operations System Status {eng}
MOSS - Manned Orbital Space Station {eng}
MOSS - Military Operational Satellite System (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MOST - Microvariability & Oscilations of Stars {eng}
MOST - Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars (astronomy; CSA; satellite) {eng}
MOST - Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (Australie) (astronomy; observatory) {eng}
MOT - Motor {eng}
MOT - Motorola, Inc. {eng}
MOT - Musculoskeletal Overload Trainer {eng}
MOTB - Minuteman Operation Targeting Program {eng}
MOTIF - Maui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility (USAF) {eng}
MOTP - Minuteman Operational Targeting Program (20AF) {eng}
MOTP - Mission-Oriented Theory Program {eng}
MOTR - Miss Other Than Reentry (20 AF) {eng}
MOTR - Multiple Object Tracking Radar /also Multiple-Object Tracking Radar/ (14 AF; STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MOTS - Mobile Test Set {eng}
MOTU - Mobile Optical Tracking Unit {eng}
MOTV - Manned Orbit Transfer Vehicle {eng}
MoU - Memorandum of Understanding {eng}
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MOUSE - Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite, Earth {eng}
MOV - Main Oxidizer Valve {eng}
MOV - Manned Orbital Vehicle /also Manned Orbiting Vehicle/ {eng}
MOV - Manual Only Valve (ISS) {eng}
MOV - Mission Operations Voice {eng}
MOVA - Main Oxidizer Valve Actuator {eng}
MOVLAS - Manually Operated Visual Landing Aid System {eng}
MOW - Mission Operations Wing (NASA; Apollo) {eng}
MOWG - Mission Operations Working Group {eng}
MOWS - Manned Orbital Weapon System {eng}
MOX - Mars Oxidation experiment (Mars '96 Instrument) {eng}
MOXE - Monitoring X-ray Experiment (astronomy) {eng}
MOZART - Model for Ozone And Related chemical Tracers {eng}
MP - Maintenance Platform {eng}
MP - Major Payload {eng}
MP - Management Package {eng}
MP - Mars Pathfinder (Discovery Mission) {eng}
MP - Mass Properties {eng}
MP - Measuring Point {eng}
MP - Medium Pressure {eng}
MP - Melting Point {eng}
MP - Member of Parliament (UK) {eng}
MP - Messag Processor (GPS) {eng}
MP - Meteoroid Protection {eng}
MP - Meteorology Panel {eng}
MP - Military Police {eng}
MP - Mission Planner {eng}
MP - Mission Planning {eng}
MP - močeprijemnik (ISS) [МП - мочеприемник] {rus}
MP - Mod Package {eng}
MP&C - Maintenance Planning and Control {eng}
MPA - Magnetospheric Plasma Analyzer (LANL S/C) {eng}
MPA - Maintenance Prompter Application {eng}
MPA - Maneuver Propulsion Assembly {eng}
MPA - Mass Processing Analysis {eng}
MPA - Mean Point of Airburst (20 AF) {eng}
MPA - Meridian Photometry Array (CANOPUS) {eng}
MPA - Mission and Payload Assessment (C4SMP) {eng}
MPA - Mission Performance Application (LAN) {eng}
MPA - Multiple Payload Adapter {eng}
MPAC - Microparticles Capture (Experiment; STS; ISS) {eng}
MPAC - Multipurpose Application Console {eng}
MPAD - Mission Planning and Analysis Division (JSC) {eng}
MPAE - Max Planck Institut für Aeronomie {ger}
MPAK - Middeck Payload Accommodation Kit {eng}
MPB - Maintenance Parts Breakdown {eng}
MPC - Air Force Military Personnel Center (Randolph AFB, TX; USA) (also AFMPC) {eng}
MPC - Manual Pointing Controller (NASA; STS) {eng}
MPC - Mapper Presentation Client {eng}
MPC - Maximum Permissible Concentration {eng}
MPC - Memory Protection Check {eng}
MPC - Meteorological Prediction Center {eng}
MPC - Mid Power Controller {eng}
MPC - Midbody Pyro Controller {eng}
MPC - Milstar Payload Computer (Milstar) {eng}
MPC - Minor Planet Circulars (astronomy) {eng}
MPC - Minor Planets and Comets (astronomy) {eng}
MPC - Missile Production Center (USA) {eng}
MPC - Modulated Precision Clock (GPS) {eng}
MPC - Most Probable Cost (AFSPC/PK) {eng}
MPC - Multiple-Payload Carrier {eng}
MPCA - Mid Power Controller Assembly {eng}
MPCD - Multipurpose Color Display (TAB93-1) {eng}
MPCL - Multipurpose Chemical Laser {eng}
MPCP - Modified Plant Clearance Program {eng}
MPCS - Manual Proportional Control System {eng}
MPD - Magnetoplasmadynamics {eng}
MPD - Main dc Power Distributor Assembly {eng}
MPD - Marshall Policy Directives {eng}
MPD - Maximum Permissible Dose {eng}
MPD - Missile Products Division (USA) {eng}
MPD - Missile Profile Drawing {eng}
MPD - Missile Pulse Detector {eng}
MPDB - Main Power Distribution Board {eng}
MPDS - Mobile Packet Data Service {eng}
MPDU - Multiplexer Protocol Data Unit (ISS) {eng}
MPE - Max Planck Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik {ger}
MPE - Maximum Permissible Exposure (STS; NASA) {eng}
MPE - Mission Peculiar Experiment {eng}
MPE - Mission Planning Element {eng}
MPEC - Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (astronomy) {eng}
MPEC - Multi-Purpose Experiment Canister {eng}
MPEEN - Materials and Processes Environmental Engineering Network {eng}
MPEG - Moving Pictures Experts Group {eng}
MPEP - Metalworking Processes and Equipment Program (USA) {eng}
MPESS - Mission Peculiar Equipment Support Structure /also Mission-Peculiar Equipment Support Structure; also Multipurpose Experiment Support Structure; also Multipurpose Experiments Support Structure; also Mission Peculiar Experiment Support Structure/ (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MPESS - Mission Preculiar Equipment {eng}
MPESS - Multiple Purpose Experiment Support Structure {eng}
MPEV - Manual Pressure Equalization Valve /also Manual Pressurization Equalization Valve/ (STS; ISS) {eng}
MPEX - Magnetopause/Boundary Layer Explorer {eng}
MPF - Mars Pathfinder (planetary probe) {eng}
MPF - Microlensing Planet Finder (project; satellite; exoplanet) {eng}
MPF - Military Personnel Flight (50 SW) {eng}
MPF - Multipurpose Facility (C4SMP) {eng}
MPF - Multipurpose Feed (AFSCN) {eng}
MPG - Max Planck Gesellschaft (Deutschland) {ger}
MPG - MSFC Industrial Safety Procedures and Guidelines /also Marshall Procedures and Guidelines/ {eng}
MPG - Multiple Point Ground /also Multipoint Grounding/ (NASA; STS) {eng}
MPGHM - Mobile Payload Ground Handling Mechanism {eng}
mph - miles per hour {eng}
MPH - Missile Potential Hazard (20 AF) {eng}
MPHE - Material and Personnel Handling Equipment {eng}
MPHTB - Multipurpose Hydrogen Test Bed {eng}
MPI - Max-Planck-Institute /also Max Planck Institute/ {ger}
MPI - Mean Point of Impact (20 AF) {eng}
MPI - Mission Payload Integration {eng}
MPIA - Max Planck Institut für Astronomie {ger}
MPIIN - Modification Procurement Instrument Identification Number {eng}
MPIK - Max Planck Institut für Kernphysik {ger}
MPIO - Mission Payload Integration Office {eng}
MPIS - Marshall Personnel Information System {eng}
MPL - Maintenance Parts List {eng}
MPL - Manipulation Positioning Latches {eng}
MPL - Mars Polar Lander {eng}
MPL - Maximum Permissible Level {eng}
MPL - Mechanical Parts List {eng}
MPL - Mid Pacific Landing (Apollo) {eng}
MPL - Minimum Power Level (65 percent) {eng}
MPL - Multiprocessing Level {eng}
MPLG - Materials Processing in Low Gravity {eng}
MPLM - Multi-Purpose Logistics Module /also Multipurpose Logistics Module; also Mini Pressurized Logistics Module; also Mini-Pressurized Logistics Module; also Minipressurized Logistics Module/ (STS; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MPLN - Maintenance Planning (Data Base) {eng}
MPM - Manipulator Positioning Mechanism (STS; ISS) {eng}
MPM - Materials Properties Manual {eng}
MPM - Microwave Power Module (USAF) {eng}
MPM - Multipath Meter (GPS) {eng}
MPM/MRL - Manipulator Positioning Mechanism/Manipulator Retention Latch (ISS) {eng}
MPMP - Mass Properties Management Plan {eng}
MPMSE - Multiuse Payload and Mission Support Equipment {eng}
MPO - Mercury Planetary Orbiter (BepiColombo) {eng}
MPO - Mercury Project Office (USA) {eng}
MPO - Microgravity Projects Office {eng}
MPP - Master Patch Panel (AFSCN) {eng}
MPP - Material Processing Platform {eng}
MPP - Material Processing Procedure {eng}
MPP - Meteoroid Penetration Probe {eng}
MPP - Modernization Planning Process (USAF) {eng}
MPP - Multi-Pinned-Phase (astronomy) {eng}
MPPE - Management Performance and Planning Evaluation {eng}
MPPF - Materials Processing Products Facility {eng}
MPPF - Multi-purpose Payload Processing Facility (KSC) {eng}
MPPSE - Multipurpose Payload Support Equipment {eng}
MPR - Maintainability Problem Report {eng}
MPR - Management Program Review {eng}
MPR - Manual Pulmonary Resuscitator (ISS) {eng}
MPR - Mission Planning Room {eng}
MPR - Mockup Purchase Request {eng}
MPR - Monthly Program Review {eng}
MPR - Monthly Progress Report {eng}
MPRACA - MSFC Problem Reporting and Corrective Action {eng}
MPRD - Maintainability Process Requirements Document {eng}
MPRF - Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency (TAB93-1) {eng}
MPRS - Mission Planning Rehearsal System {eng}
MPS - Main Propulsion System (Subsystem) (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB; Apollo) {eng}
MPS - Manned Reconnaissance Satellite {eng}
MPS - Master Program Schedule {eng}
MPS - Material Processing Specification {eng}
MPS - Material Processing System /also Materials Processing System/ {eng}
MPS - Materials Processing in Space {eng}
MPS - Mechanically Pumped System {eng}
MPS - Megabits per Second {eng}
mps - meters per second (m/s preferred) {eng}
MPS - Microlensing Planet Search (astronomy) {eng}
MPS - Minor Planet Circulars Supplement (astronomy) {eng}
MPS - Mission Planning System (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MPS - Mobile Power Station {eng}
MPS - Modular Power System (Subsystem) {eng}
MPS CONF - Main Propulsion System Conference {eng}
MPSDB - Main Propulsion System Data Base {eng}
MPSE - Moreless Payload Specialist Experiment {eng}
MPSET - Mars programme System Engineering Team {eng}
MPSL - Materials and Process Specification List {eng}
MPSOC - Multipurpose Satellite Operations Center (DMSP) {eng}
MPSR - Marshall Planning Support Room {eng}
MPSR - Mass Properties Status Report {eng}
MPSR - Mission Profile Storage and Retrieval {eng}
MPSR - Multipurpose Support Room (STS) {eng}
MPSS - Main Parachute Support Structure {eng}
MPSS - Mission Planning and Scheduling System {eng}
MPSS - Multiple Payload Support Structure {eng}
MPST - Multipurpose Support Team (STS) {eng}
MPT - Main Propulsion Test {eng}
MPT - Management Policy Table (DLA) {eng}
MPT - Missile Procedures Trainer (20 AF) {eng}
MPT - Mission Planning Terminal {eng}
MPTA - Main Propulsion Test Article (NASA; STS) {eng}
MPTE - Multipurpose Test Equipment {eng}
MPTF - Main Propulsion Test Facility {eng}
MPTP - Main Propulsion Test Program {eng}
MPTR - Mobile Position Tracking Radar {eng}
MPTS - Multipurpose Tool Set {eng}
MPTT - Management Policy Table Transaction (DLA) {eng}
MPU - Message Processing Unit (Milstar) {eng}
MPU - Miniature Power Unit {eng}
MPV - Manual Procedures Viewer (ISS) {eng}
MPVA - Main Propellant Valve Actuator {eng}
MPVSET - Mass Properties Verification and Sustaining Engineering Tool (ISS) {eng}
MPWG - Mass Properties Working Group {eng}
MQC - Marshall Quality Council {eng}
MQM - MSFC Quality Manual {eng}
MQT - Model Qualification Test {eng}
MR - Main Ring {eng}
MR - Management and Resources {eng}
MR - Management Report {eng}
MR - Management Review (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MR - Mars Relay {eng}
MR - Mass Ratio {eng}
MR - Master Reset {eng}
MR - Material Review {eng}
MR - Materials Request {eng}
MR - Medium Rate (ISS) {eng}
MR - Memo for Record {eng}
MR - Mercury-Redstone (USA) {eng}
MR - Mission Reliability {eng}
MR - Mission Report {eng}
MR - Mission Requirement {eng}
MR - Mission-Ready {eng}
MR - Mixture Ratio {eng}
MR - Modular Reflector (antenna; EADS Launch Vehicles) {eng}
MRA - Main Ring Assembly {eng}
MRA - Mechanical Readiness Assessment {eng}
MRA - Microgravity Research Associates {eng}
mrad - Milliradian {eng}
MRAD - Mission Requirements and Allocations Document {eng}
MRAO - Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (astronomy) {eng}
MRB - Material Review Board (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MRB - Materials Review Board (NASA; STS) {eng}
MRB - Materiel Review Board {eng}
MRB - MIP [=Material Improvement Project] Review Board {eng}
MRB - Missile Review Board (USA) {eng}
MRB - Mission Reconfiguration Base (STS; NASA) {eng}
MRB - Modification Review Board {eng}
MRBM - Medium-Range Ballistic Missile {eng}
MRC - Major Regional Conflict (C4SMP) {eng}
MRC - Material Readiness Capability {eng}
MRC - Material Review Crib {eng}
MRC - Measurement Requirements Committee {eng}
MRCF - Missile Recycle Facility {eng}
MRCN - Minuteman Requirement Control Number (USA) {eng}
MRCR - Measurement Requirement Change Request {eng}
MRCS - MSS Robotics Control Station {eng}
MRCS - Multiple Report Creation System {eng}
MRD - Material Review Disposition {eng}
MRD - Microgravity Program Office {eng}
MRD - Microgravity Research Division (Code UG, NASA HQ; ISS) {eng}
MRD - Mission Requirements Document {eng}
MRDB - Mission Requirements Data Base {eng}
MRDR - Material Review Disposition Record {eng}
MRDS - Modular Responsive Defense System {eng}
MRE - Meal, Ready to Eat {eng}
MRE - Mean Radial Error {eng}
MRE - Missile Recycle Equipment {eng}
MRE - Monopropellant Rocket Engine {eng}
MRE - Motor Requirement Evaluation {eng}
MRF - Maintenance Responsibility File {eng}
MRF - Maximum Retarding Force {eng}
MRF - Measurements/Stimuli Request Form {eng}
MRF - Missile Recycle Facility {eng}
MRFM - Magnetic Resonance Force Imaging {eng}
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging {eng}
MRI - Material Review Instructions {eng}
MRI - Measurement Requirements and Interface {eng}
MRI - Midwest Research Institute {eng}
MRI - Moderate Resolution Imager {eng}
MRI - Multiple Radar Interrogator {eng}
MRICC - Missile and Rocket Inventory Control Center (USA) {eng}
MRIR - Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer (Nimbus) {eng}
MRIS - Medium Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (China) {eng}
MRIS - Missile Range Instrumentation Ship {eng}
MRL - Manipulator Retention Latch(es) (STS; ISS) {eng}
MRL - Manipulator Retention Lock {eng}
MRL - Material Requirements List {eng}
MRL - Multiple Rocket Launcher {eng}
MRM - Master Requirements Matrix (NATO 4B) {eng}
MRM - Medically Relevant Macromolecules {eng}
MRM - Medium Rate Multiplexer (NASA; STS) {eng}
MRM - Medium-Range Missile {eng}
MRM - Miniaturised Radiation Monitor (Proba; ESA; experiment) {eng}
MRMDF - Mobile Remote Manipulator Development Facility {eng}
MRML - Medium-Range Missile Launcher {eng}
MRMMS - Millimeter Wave Reflectivity Measurement System (USAF) {eng}
MRMS - Mobile Remote Manipulator System {eng}
MRN - Meteorological Rocket Network {eng}
MRO - Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA; project) {eng}
MRO - Memory Readout /also Memory Read Out; also Memory Read-Out/ (GPS; MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MROC - Multi-Command Required Operational Capability {eng}
MROFIE - Mission Requirements on Facilities/Instruments/Experiments for STS Attached Payloads (MSFC JA-447 Payloads) {eng}
MRP - Manufacturing Requirements Planning {eng}
MRPO - Microgravity Research Program Office (ISS) {eng}
MRPO - Microgravity Research Project Office (ISS) {eng}
MRR - Material Receiving Report {eng}
MRR - Mission Readiness Review {eng}
MRR - Mission Reconfiguration Request {eng}
MRS - Management Review System {eng}
MRS - Manned Reusable Spacecraft {eng}
MRS - Material Returned to Stores {eng}
MRS - Medical Restraint System {eng}
MRS - Minimum Residual Shutdown {eng}
MRS - Mobile Radar Search {eng}
MRS - Mobile Remote Servicer (STS; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MRS BS - Mobile Remote Servicer Base Structure (ISS) {eng}
MRSO - Missile Range Safety Officer {eng}
MRSR - Mars Rover Sample Return {eng}
MRSSS - Manned Revolving Space System {eng}
MRSV - Maneuverable and Recoverable Space Vehicle {eng}
MRT - Management Responsibility Transfer {eng}
MRT - Mean Restoral Time (CSOC) {eng}
MRT - Measurement Reliability Target {eng}
MRT - Microgravity Research Team {eng}
MRT - Miniature Receive Terminal (USSPACECOM/J6) {eng}
MRT - Minimum Reaction Time (20 AF) {eng}
MRT - Monthly Recurring Training (21 SW) {eng}
MRTC - Multiple Real Time Command (STS; NASA) {eng}
MRTC - Multiple Real-Time Commands {eng}
MRTFB - Major Range and Test Facility Base (DODD 3200.11) {eng}
MRTS - Marshall Accounting and Resource Tracking System {eng}
MRTS - Marshall Redundant Transmission System {eng}
MRU - Military Radar Unit (AFSPC/DOG) {eng}
MRV - Maneuvering Re-Entry Vehicle {eng}
MRV - Multiple Reentry Vehicles {eng}
MRWG - Mission Requirements Working Group {eng}
MRWS - Manned Remote Work Station {eng}
MS - Machine Screw {eng}
MS - Machine Steel {eng}
MS - MacNeal Schwendler {eng}
ms - mail stop {eng}
MS - Maintenance Squadron {eng}
MS - Man System {eng}
MS - Margin of Safety {eng}
MS - Mars Surveyor (satellite) {eng}
MS - Mass Spectrometer {eng}
MS - Master of Science (univerzity degree) {eng}
MS - Master Switch {eng}
MS - Material Specification {eng}
MS - Materials Science {eng}
MS - Mating Sequence and Control {eng}
MS - Meets Standard (AFMPC) {eng}
MS - Message Stores {eng}
MS - mikrosputnik [МС - микроспутник] {rus}
MS - Milestone {eng}
MS - Military Standard (Parts Designation) {eng}
ms - millisecond (10-3 second) {eng}
ms - Millisecond(s) (ISS) {eng}
MS - Missile Station {eng}
MS - Mission Specialist (NASA) {eng}
MS - Mission Station {eng}
MS - Mississippi (USA; state) {eng}
MS - Monitor Station (GPS) {eng}
MS - Mu Satellite {eng}
MS - Multiple Sclerosis {eng}
MS - Multistring {eng}
MS - Mutual Support (TAB93-1) {eng}
MS&PA - Mission Success and Product Assurance {eng}
MS'98 - Mars Surveyor 1998 (satellite) {eng}
MS/MS - Material Science and Manufacturing in Space {eng}
MSA - Major Satellite Anomaly (DMSP) {eng}
MSA - Marshall Sprayable Ablation {eng}
MSA - Marshall Sprayable Ablator {eng}
MSA - Mass Spectrometer Assembly (ISS) {eng}
MSA - Material Service Area {eng}
MSA - Meteorological Satellite Activities {eng}
MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area (EPA) {eng}
MSA - Microgravity Science and Applications {eng}
MSA - Minimum Safe Altitude (TAB93-1) {eng}
MSA - Minimum Surface Area {eng}
MSA - Missile Systems Analyst {eng}
MSA - Module Structure Assembly {eng}
MSA - Multiuse Solar Array {eng}
MSA-1 - Marshall Sprayable Ablator {eng}
MSA-2 - Improved Marshall Sprayable Ablator /also Marshall Sprayable Ablator 2/ {eng}
MSA2 - Marshall Sprayable Ablator 2 {eng}
MSAD - Materials Summary Acceptance Document {eng}
MSAD - Microgravity Science & Applications Department /also Microgravity Science and Applications Division/ {eng}
MSAM - Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurement {eng}
MSAS - MTSAT Satellite Based Augmentation System (GPS) {eng}
MSAT - Missile System Analyst Technician {eng}
MSAT - Mobile Satellite {eng}
Msat - Mobile Services Satellite {eng}
MSat - Mobile services Satellite {eng}
MSAT - Multiflow Schedule Assessment Team {eng}
MSB - Missile Storage Bunker {eng}
MSB - Missile Support Base {eng}
MSB - Most Significant Bit /also Most significant bit/ (NASA; STS; GPS) {eng}
MSB-FO - Medium Solid Booster Follow-on {eng}
MSBLS - Microwave Scanning Beam Land Station {eng}
MSBLS - Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System /also Microwave Scan Beam Landing System/ (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MSBLS-GS - MSBLS Ground Station {eng}
MSC - Manned Spacecraft Center (changed to JSC; USA) {eng}
MSC - Master Sequence Controller {eng}
MSC - Materials Service Center {eng}
MSC - Message Switching Center {eng}
MSC - Meteorological Satellite Center (USA) {eng}
MSC - Microgravity Smoldering Combustion Experiment {eng}
MSC - Military Sealift Command {eng}
MSC - Mission Systems Contract {eng}
MSC - Mobile Servicing Center (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MSC - Moding Sequencing and Control {eng}
MSCC - Manned Spaceflight Control Center (USA) {eng}
MSCC - Manned Systems Control Center {eng}
MSCI - Mission Scientist {eng}
MSCOP - Missile System Checkout Program {eng}
MSCOP&P - Milstar Standard Communications Operations Policies and Procedures {eng}
MSCP - Missile System Checkout Programer {eng}
MSCR - Measurement/Stimuli Change Request {eng}
MSCS - Mobile Service Center System {eng}
MSD - MARS Supplemental Data {eng}
MSD - Mass Storage Device (STS; ISS) {eng}
MSD - Missile System Development {eng}
MSD - Missile System Division {eng}
MSDP - Mission Station Distribution Panel (STS; NASA) {eng}
MSDR - Materials Science Double Rack {eng}
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet (DSCS) {eng}
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets {eng}
MSDS - Material(s) Safety Data Sheet (ECAMP) {eng}
MSDS - Multispectral Scanner and Data System {eng}
MSE - Maintenance Support Equipment (20AF) {eng}
MSE - Manned Spaceflight Engineer {eng}
MSE - Measuring and Stimuli Equipment {eng}
MSE - Mechanical Support Equipment {eng}
MSE - Medical Support Equipment {eng}
MSE - Mercury Surface Element (BepiColombo) {eng}
MSE - Missile Support Equipment {eng}
MSE - Mission Services Engineering {eng}
MSE - Mission Staff Engineer {eng}
MSE - Mission Support Element (Milstar) {eng}
MSE - Multiple Sample Exchanger {eng}
MSEC - Master Separation Events Controller {eng}
msec - Millisecond (ms preferred) {eng}
MSEF - Missile System Evaluation Flight {eng}
MSEIS - Microgravity Systems Engineering Information System {eng}
MSEL - Master Scenario Event List (AFI10-1204) {eng}
MSENG - MSFC Engineering {eng}
MSF - Maintenance Source File {eng}
MSF - Manned Space Flight {eng}
MSF - Mass Storage Function {eng}
MSF - Media Servicing Facility (CSOC) {eng}
MSFBB - Medium Solid Fast-Burn Booster {eng}
MSFC - George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, AL; USA) (NASA; STS; ISS) {eng}
MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA; STS) {eng}
MSFC EC - Marshall Space Flight Electronic Commerce {eng}
MSFC ENG - Marshall Space Flight Center Engineer {eng}
MSFL - Manned Space Flight Laboratory {eng}
MSFLS - Microwave Scanning Beam Land Station {eng}
MSFLS - Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System {eng}
MSFM - Magnetospheric Specification and Forecast Model (AFSPC/DOGW) {eng}
MSFN - Manned Space Flight Network (Apollo) {eng}
MSFP - Manned Space Flight Program {eng}
MSFS - Manned Space Flight System {eng}
MSFSG - Manned Spaceflight Support Group {eng}
MSG - Materiel Systems Group (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; USA) (USAF) {eng}
MSG - Mechanical Subsystem Group {eng}
MSG - Message (NASA; STS) {eng}
Msg - Message (STS) {eng}
MSG - Meteosat Second Generation (ESA; Eumetsat; satellite) {eng}
MSG - Microgravity Science Glovebox /also Microgravity Sciences Glovebox/ (STS; ISS) {eng}
MSG - Mission Support Group {eng}
MSGT - Master Sergeant {eng}
MSH - Metastable Helium {eng}
MSI - Maintenance Significant Items {eng}
MSI - Man-System Integration {eng}
MSI - Management Services, Inc. {eng}
MSI - Manned Satellite Inspector {eng}
MSI - Medium Scale Integration /also Medium-Scale Integration/ {eng}
MSI - MicroSat Systems, Inc. {eng}
MSI - Missile Subsystem Integration {eng}
MSI - Mission Success Incentive {eng}
MSI - Mission Systems Integration (C4SMP) {eng}
MSI - Multispectral Imager (USAF) {eng}
MSI - Multispectral Imagery {eng}
MSI - Multisystem Integration {eng}
MSIA - Multispectral Image Analyzer {eng}
MSIB - Mission Systems Integration Board (SR 27-2) {eng}
MSIC - Missile and Space Intelligence Center (Army) {eng}
MSID - Measurement Stimulation Identification (STS; NASA; CAIB; NAIB) {eng}
MSID - Measurement Stimuli Identification {eng}
MSID - Measurement Stimulus Identifier {eng}
MSID - Measurement/Stimulus Identification (STS; NASA) {eng}
MSIF - Multisystem Integration Facility {eng}
MSIP - Mission Systems Integration Process (USSPACECOM/J6N) {eng}
MSIP - Multistage Improvement Program (TAB93-1) {eng}
MSIS - Man Systems Integration Standard {eng}
MSIS - Manned Satellite Inspection System {eng}
MSIS - Media Services Information System {eng}
MSK - Manual Select Keyboard {eng}
MSK - Minimum-Shift Keying {eng}
MSL - Manned Space Laboratory {eng}
MSL - Materials Science Laboratory (STS) {eng}
msl - Mean Sea Level {eng}
MSL - Mean Sea Level /also Mean sea level/ (GPS) {eng}
MSL - Mechanical System(s) Laboratory {eng}
MSL - Meteorological Satellite Laboratory {eng}
MSL - Microgravity Science Laboratory (The ESA part of the MSRR-1) {eng}
MSL - Missile {eng}
MSLC - Missile Sites Labor Commission (USA) {eng}
MSLCOM - Missile Command {eng}
MSLD - Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector {eng}
MSLPU - Medium Speed Line Processing Unit {eng}
MSLS - Maneuverable Satellite Landing System {eng}
MSM - Magnetospheric Specification Model (AFSPC/DOGW) {eng}
MSM - Manned Support Module {eng}
MSM - Meritorious Service Medal {eng}
MSM - Meteroid Shield Momentum Sensor (ESA; Giotto; experiment) {eng}
MSMIDD - MSFC Meterological Interactive Data Display {eng}
MSMIS - MSFC Management Information Systems {eng}
MSMS - Marshall Supply Management System {eng}
MSMT - Mission and Science Measurement Technology (program; NASA) {eng}
MSMW - MATCO Standard Material Worksheet {eng}
MSN - Mission {eng}
MSN PLN MGR - Mission Planning Manager {eng}
MSO - Mission Support Officer (USAF) {eng}
MSO - Model for Spare(s) Optimization {eng}
MSOB - Manned Spacecraft Operations Building (O&C preferred) {eng}
MSOC - Mars Express Science Operations Centre (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MSOCC - Multisatellite Operations Control Center (STS; NASA) {eng}
MSOIN - Minor Subcontractor or IDWA Notification {eng}
MSOL - Manned Scientific Orbital Laboratory {eng}
MSP - Maintenance Support Plan {eng}
MSP - Master Science Plan (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MSP - Microgravity Science Payloads {eng}
MSP - Milstar Satellite Processor {eng}
MSP - Mosaic Sensor Program {eng}
MSPC - Modified SPC Coordinate System (z along the s/c spin vector; x along the projection of s/c velocity onto spin plane) {eng}
MSPG - Magnetic Shock Pulse Generator {eng}
Msps - Megasymbol per second {eng}
MSPSP - Missile System Pre-launch Safety Package /also Missile System Prelaunch Safety Package/ {eng}
MSR - Management Status Report {eng}
MSR - Mars Sample Return (MARSIS; Mars Express; ASI; ESA) {eng}
MSR - Measure Output (GPS) {eng}
MSR - Microwave Scanning Radar (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MSR - Missile Site Radar {eng}
MSR - Mission Status Room {eng}
MSR - Mission Support Room {eng}
MSR - Module Support Rack {eng}
MSRE - Mir Sample Return Experiment {eng}
MSRF - Materials Science Research Facility (ISS) {eng}
MSRF - Microgravity Science Research Facility {eng}
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price {eng}
MSRR - Materials Science Research Rack (ISS) {eng}
MSRR - Microgravity Science Research Rack {eng}
MSS - Magnetic Sensing System {eng}
MSS - Maintenance Status System {eng}
MSS - Manned Space System {eng}
MSS - Manufacturers Standardization Society {eng}
MSS - Mass Storage System {eng}
MSS - Mechanical Support Systems {eng}
MSS - Message Switching System {eng}
MSS - Meteorological Sounding System {eng}
MSS - Military Supply Standard {eng}
MSS - Milstar System Simulator (EHF) {eng}
MSS - Mirror Support Structure {eng}
MSS - Mission Sequence Software {eng}
MSS - Mission Specialist Station {eng}
MSS - Mission Status Summary {eng}
MSS - Mission Support Software {eng}
MSS - Mission Support System (UFO) {eng}
MSS - Mobile Service Structure {eng}
MSS - Mobile Servicing System (STS; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MSS - modul' stykovočno skladskoj (ISS) [МСС - модуль стыковочно складской] {rus}
MSS - Multi-Satellite System (DARPA) {eng}
MSS - Multispectral Scanner (Landsat) {eng}
MSS - Multispectral Scanner System {eng}
MSSB - Missile Servicing and Storage Building {eng}
MSSCC - Military Space Surveillance Control Center (USA) {eng}
MSSG - Mission Systems Support Group {eng}
MSSL - Mullard Space Science Laboratory {eng}
MSSMS - Munitions Section, Strategic Missile Squadron {eng}
MSSP - Multiple Satellite System Program (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MSSQ - Mission Support Squadron {eng}
MSSS - Maui Space Surveillance Site (astronomy) {eng}
MSSS - Mobile Space Support (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MSSS - Mobile Surveillance Ship (NAVSPACECOM) {eng}
MSSSO - Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories (astronomy) {eng}
MSSSO - Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory (Mt. Stromlo; Australie) (astronomy; observatory) {eng}
MSSTA - Multispectra Solar Telescope Array {eng}
MSSTM - Military Space Systems Technology Model {eng}
MSSTP - Military Space Systems Technology Plan {eng}
MSSW - Magnetostatic Surface Wave {eng}
MST - Measurement Status Table {eng}
MST - Mission Sequence Test {eng}
MST - Mission Support Team {eng}
MST - Mobile Service Tower {eng}
MST - Modular Servicing Tool {eng}
MST - Module Service Tool {eng}
MST - Module System(s) Trainer {eng}
MST - Mountain Standard Time {eng}
MST&T - Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. {eng}
MSTAR - Moving and Stationary Target Acquisition and Recognition (USAF) {eng}
MSTI - Miniature Sensor Technology Integration /also Miniature Seeker Technology Integration/ (satellite; BMDO) {eng}
MSTI - Multi-Spectral Thermal Imager {eng}
MSTIRC - Multiservice Test Investment Review Committee (AFSPC/DO) {eng}
MSTL - Man-Systems Telerobotics Laboratory {eng}
MSTM - Missile Service Test Model {eng}
MSTR - Master {eng}
MSTRS - Miniaturized Satellite Threat Reporting System /also Miniature Satellite Threat Reporting System/ (USAF; AFSPC; NASA; STS) {eng}
MSTS - Missile Static Test Site {eng}
MSTS - Multi-Source Tactical System {eng}
MSU - Maintenance Service Unit {eng}
MSU - Management Station for Ultrix {eng}
MSU - Management Station for UNIX {eng}
MSU - Mass Storage Unit {eng}
MSU - Measuring Stimuli Units {eng}
MSU - Message Switching Upgrade {eng}
MSU - Microwave Sounding Unit /also Microwave Sounder Unit/ (Tiros-N) {eng}
MSV - Mechanisms of Solar Variability {eng}
MSV - Monitored Sine Vibration (Test) {eng}
MSVD - Missile and Space Vehicle Department (USA) {eng}
MSVO - Missile and Space Vehicle Office (USA) {eng}
MSVP - Master Shuttle Verification Plan {eng}
MSVR - Marshall Shuttle Vehicle Representative {eng}
MSW - Microswitch {eng}
MSW - Municipal Solid Waste (P3) {eng}
MSWG - Materials Science Working Group {eng}
MSX - Midcourse Space Experiment (Department of Defense satellite; satellite; USAF) {eng}
MT - Magnetic Tape {eng}
MT - Magnetospheric Tour (satellite) {eng}
MT - Master Timer {eng}
MT - Master Tool {eng}
MT - Maximum Torque {eng}
MT - Mean Time {eng}
MT - Mechanical Technician {eng}
MT - Megaton(s) {eng}
MT - Metering Truss {eng}
mt - Metric Ton {eng}
mT - milliTesla {eng}
MT - Milstar Terminal {eng}
MT - Missile Test {eng}
MT - Mission Sequence Test (e.g., MT103) {eng}
MT - Mission Time {eng}
MT - Mission Timer (STS) {eng}
MT - Mission Trajectory {eng}
MT - Mobile Transporter (STS; ISS; NASA) {eng}
MT - Moderate Temperature (STS; ISS) {eng}
MT - Montana (USA; state) {eng}
MT - Mount {eng}
MT - Mountain Time {eng}
MT&L - Manufacturing, Test, and Logistics {eng}
MT/PMP - Mobile Transporter/Permanent Manned Presence {eng}
mT/yr - metric tons per year {eng}
MTA - Magnetic Torquer Assembly {eng}
MTA - Maintenance Task Analysis {eng}
MTA - Major Test Article {eng}
MTA - Marshall Trowelable Ablator {eng}
MTA - Mass Thermal Analysis {eng}
MTA - Membrane Transport Apparatus {eng}
MTA - Message Transfer Agent {eng}
MTA - Missile Transfer Area {eng}
MTAD - Milstar Training Augmentation Device (SGLS) {eng}
MTAR - Mission Task Analysis Report (TSRA) {eng}
MTB - Magnetic Torque Bar {eng}
MTB - Marshall Test Bed {eng}
MTB - Materials Testing Branch {eng}
MTBCF - Mean Time Between Critical Failures (ARTS) {eng}
MTBD - Mean Time between Demand {eng}
MTBF - Mean Time between Failure {eng}
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure(s) (USAF) {eng}
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures (GPS) {eng}
MTBM - Mean Time between Maintenance /also Mean Time Between Maintenance/ {eng}
MTBMA - Mean Time between Maintenance Action {eng}
MTBO - Mean Time Between Outages {eng}
MTBOOT - Mean Time Before Out-Of-Tolerance {eng}
MTBPM - Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance {eng}
MTBR - Mean Time Between Repair(s) {eng}
MTBR - Mean Time between Replacement {eng}
MTC - Man-Tended Capability /also Man-tended Capability/ {eng}
MTC - Manual Traffic Control {eng}
MTC - Master Thrust Control {eng}
MTC - Master Thrust Controller {eng}
mTc - Military Tactical Computer {eng}
MTC - Missile Test Center {eng}
MTC - Mission and Traffic Control {eng}
MTC - Mobile Television Center {eng}
MTC - Modified Topographic Coordinate System (y along s/c spin axis along the projection of x topographic onto s/c spin plane) {eng}
MTCA - Monitor and Test Control Area {eng}
MTCGM - MARS Thermospheric Global Circulation Model {eng}
MTCL - Mobile Transporter Capture Latch (NASA; STS; ISS) {eng}
MTCR - Missile Technology Control Regime (AFI 10-1210) {eng}
MTCT - Manipulator/Teleoperator Control Technology {eng}
MTCU - Magnetic Tape Control Unit {eng}
MTD - Missile Technology Demonstration (USAF) {eng}
MTD - Mounted {eng}
MTDS - Marine Tactical Data System (USA) {eng}
MTDS - Missile Trajectory Data System {eng}
MTDSK - Magnetic Tape Disk {eng}
MTE - Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTE - Manual Test Equipment {eng}
MTE - Mass Transport Experiment {eng}
MTE - Missile Targeting Equipment {eng}
MTE - Missile Test Engineer {eng}
MTE - Multisystem Test Equipment {eng}
MTEC - Maintenance Test Equipment Catalog {eng}
MTEE - Electrical Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTEEC - Electronic Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTEF - Fluid Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTEM - Maintenance Test Equipment Module {eng}
MTEM - Mechanical Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTEM - Mesosphere-Thermosphere Explorer Mission {eng}
MTEM - Mobile Transporter Element Manager {eng}
MTEO - Optical Maintenance Test Equipment {eng}
MTF - Medical Treatment Facility (AFMPC) {eng}
MTF - Mississippi Test Facility (now NSTL; USA) {eng}
MTF - Modulation Transfer Function {eng}
MTFF - Columbus Man-Tended Free-Flyer {eng}
MTFO - Modular Training Field Option {eng}
MTG - Missile Test Group {eng}
MTG - Mounting {eng}
MTGP - Monitor Table Generator Program {eng}
MTGW - Maximum Total Gross Weight {eng}
MTHEL - Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (weapon) {eng}
MTI - Mobile Telesystems, Inc. {eng}
MTI - Morton Thiokol, Inc. {eng}
MTI - Moving-Target Indicator /also Moving Target Indicator/ (USAF) {eng}
MTI - Multispectral Thermal Imager (NASA; experiment) {eng}
MTIRI - Multispectral Thermal Infrared Imager {eng}
MTK - Mechanical Time Keeping {eng}
MTK - Missile Tracking Site {eng}
MTL - Main Transfer Line {eng}
MTL - Manufacturing and Technology Laboratory {eng}
MTL - Master Time Line {eng}
MTL - Material {eng}
MTL - Materials Technology Laboratory {eng}
MTL - Message Transfer Layer {eng}
MTL - Moderate Temperature Loop (STS; ISS) {eng}
MTLM - Modal Loads Transformation Matrix {eng}
MTLO - Moscow Technical Liaison Office {eng}
MTLP - Monitor Table Listing Program {eng}
MTLRS - Modular Transportable Laser Ranging System {eng}
MTM - Mass Trim Emchanism {eng}
MTM - Methods Time Measurement {eng}
MTM - Mission Test Module {eng}
MTMC - Military Traffic Management Command, Scott AFB, IL (USA) {eng}
MTO - Magnetic Tape Operator {eng}
MTO - Master Timing Oscillator {eng}
MTO - Maximum Time Out {eng}
MTO - Missile Test Operator {eng}
MTO - Mission, Task, Objective {eng}
MTO - Mississippi Test Operations (USA) {eng}
MTO - Modification Task Outline {eng}
MTOGW - Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight {eng}
MTOW - Maximum Takeoff Weight {eng}
MTP - Manufacturing Technical Procedure {eng}
MTP - Master Test Plan {eng}
MTP - Membrane Transport Phenomenon {eng}
MTP - Meteosat Transition Programme {eng}
MTP - Mission Test Plan {eng}
MTPE - Mission to Planet Earth (Code Y; program; USA) {eng}
MTR - Magnetic Tape Recorder {eng}
MTR - mid-term review {eng}
MTR - Missile-Tracking Radar /also Missile Tracking Radar/ {eng}
MTR - Motor {eng}
MTR - Motor Operations TVD Research {eng}
MTR - Multisensor Trajectory Report {eng}
MTRC - Mobile Teacher Resource Center {eng}
MTRE - Missile Test and Readiness Equipment {eng}
MTRI - Missile Test Range Instrumentation {eng}
MTRS - Mobile Telemetry Repeater System {eng}
MTS - Magnetic Tape Station {eng}
MTS - Magnetic Tape Station (System) {eng}
MTS - Magnetic Tape System {eng}
MTS - Master Timing System {eng}
MTS - Member of the Technical Staff (Aerospace Corp.) {eng}
MTS - Meteoroid Technology Satellite {eng}
MTS - Metric Time System {eng}
MTS - Military Training Standard (AFR50-44) {eng}
MTS - Missile Test Station {eng}
MTS - Mobile Tracking Station (AFSCN; ISS) {eng}
MTS - Mobile Transporter System (NASA; ISS) {eng}
MTS - Module-to-Truss Structure /also Module to Truss Structure; also Module to Truss Segment/ (STS; ISS) {eng}
MTSA - Member of the Technical Staff A {eng}
MTSAS - Module to Truss Segment Attach System /also Module-to-Truss Segment Attach System; also Module-to-Truss Structure Attach System; also Module to Truss Structure Attach System; also Module Truss Structure Attach System; also Module to Truss Segmenthment System/ (STS; ISS) {eng}
MTSAS-A - Module to Truss Structure Attach System - Active /also Module-to-Truss Structure Attach System - Active/ (ISS) {eng}
MTSAS-P - Module to Truss Segment Attach System - Passive /also Module-to-Truss Segment Attach System - Passive/ (ISS; NASA) {eng}
MTSAT - Multi-Functional Transport Satellite (GPS) {eng}
MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office (AFSPC) {eng}
MTSR - Mean Time to Service Restoral {eng}
MTSS - Manned Test Space Station {eng}
MTSS - Military Test Space Station {eng}
MTT - Maximum Touch Temperature {eng}
MTTA - Mean Time to Accomplish {eng}
MTTE - Mean Time to Exchange {eng}
MTTF - Master Telemetry Table File (DMSP) {eng}
MTTF - Mean Time to Failure {eng}
MTTFF - Mean Time to First Failure {eng}
MTTR - Mean Time to Repair {eng}
MTTR - Mean Time to Replace {eng}
MTTR - Mean Time to Restore {eng}
MTTRF - Mean Time to Restore Function (CSOC) {eng}
MTTRS - Mean Time to Restore Service {eng}
MTTRS - Mean Time to Restore System {eng}
MTTS - Mean Time to Service {eng}
MTU - Magnetic Tape Unit (DMSP) {eng}
MTU - Master Timing Unit (NASA; STS) {eng}
MTU - Missile Training Unit {eng}
MTU - Mobile Training Unit {eng}
MTU - Monitor Talk Unit {eng}
MTV - Manned Transport Vehicle {eng}
MTV - More Electric Test Vehicle (USAF) {eng}
MTV - Motor Test Vehicle {eng}
MTVC - Main Thrust Vector Control {eng}
MTVC - Manual Thrust Vector Control (Apollo) {eng}
MTW - Maximum Taxi Weight {eng}
MTWsN - Move to Worksite Number N /also Move To Worksite number N/ (ISS; STS) {eng}
MU - Master Unit {eng}
MU - Mobile Unit {eng}
MU - Mockup {eng}
MU - Multiple Unit {eng}
MU-SPIN - Minority University Space Interdisciplinary Network {eng}
MUA - Material Usage Agreement (STS; NASA; acronyms$dWWW) {eng}
MUA - Material(s) Usage Agreement {eng}
MUA - Material(s) Utilization Agreement {eng}
MUA - Maximum Usable Altitude {eng}
MUBLCOM - Multiple Beam beyond Line-of-Sight Communications {eng}
MUC - Million d'Unité de Compte {fre}
MUE - MDM Utilities Extension (ISS) {eng}
MUE - Mission-Unique Equipment {eng}
MUF - Maximum Usable Frequency {eng}
MUF - Model Uncertainty Factor {eng}
MUG - Macintosh Users Group {eng}
MUL - Materials Utilization List {eng}
muldem - Multiplexer/Demultiplexer {eng}
MULE - Multi-Use Lightweight Equipment (HST) {eng}
MULS - Mobile Unit Launch Site {eng}
MULT - Multiple {eng}
MULT - Multiply {eng}
MUM - Mass Memory Unit Manager {eng}
MUMS - Multiple Use Marc System {eng}
MUOS - Mobile User Objective System (project; communication system; Boeing; USA) {eng}
MUP - Mission Unique Process (ISS) {eng}
MUPUS - Multi-Purpose Sensor for Surface and Subsurface Science (experiment; Rosetta; project; ESA) {eng}
MUPUS - Multi-Purpose Sensors for Surface and Subsurface Science (Rosetta) {eng}
MUR - Manpower Utilization Report {eng}
MUS - Mission-Unique Software {eng}
musa - Multiple Unit Steerable Antenna {eng}
MUSAT - Canadian Government Satellite {eng}
MUSES - Mu Space Engineering Satellite (satellite) {eng}
MUSES - Mu Space Engineering Spacecraft (satellite) {eng}
MUSICOS - Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy {eng}
MUSS - Missile Unit Support System {eng}
MUSS - Module Utility Support Structure {eng}
MUX - Multiplex {eng}
MUX - Multiplexer {eng}
Mux - Multiplexer (NASA; STS) {eng}
MUXing - Multiplexing {eng}
MV - manovakuumeter (ISS) {eng}
MV - manovakuumetr (ISS) [МВ - мановакууметр] {rus}
MV - manovakuummetr (ISS) [МВ - мановакуумметр] {rus}
MV - Manual Valve {eng}
MV - Manufacturing Verification {eng}
mV - Millivolt(s) {eng}
MV - Miniature Vehicle (ALASAT) {eng}
MVA - Main Valve Actuator {eng}
MVA - Megavolt Ampere /also Megavolt-Ampere/ {eng}
MVA - Megavolt-Ampere(s) {eng}
MVAK - Module Vertical Access Kit {eng}
MVAS - Multipurpose Ventricular Actuating System {eng}
MVC - Manual Volume Control {eng}
MVC - Master Volume Control {eng}
MVCS - Middle Vapor Cooled Shield {eng}
MVDS - Multichannel Video Distribution System {eng}
MVF - Manned Vertical Flight {eng}
MVFMS - Magnetic and Velocity Field Measurement System (Spacelab) {eng}
MVGVT - Mated Vertical Ground Vibration Test {eng}
MVI - Microgravity Vestibular Investigation (IML) {eng}
MVI - MODIS Vegetation Index {eng}
MVK - Mežvedomstvennaja komissija (STS; ISS) [МВК - Межведомственная комиссия] {rus}
MVM - Mariner Venus/Mercury {eng}
MVP - Master Verification Plan {eng}
MVPR - Master Verification Process Requirements {eng}
MVR - Maneuver {eng}
MVR - Master Verification Requirements {eng}
MVS - Middle Value Select {eng}
MVS - Multiple Virtual Storage {eng}
MVS - Multiple Virtual System {eng}
MVS - Mutual Visual System {eng}
MVSXA - MVS Extended Architecture {eng}
MVT - Mission Verification Test {eng}
MVTU - Moskovskoje vysšeje techničeskoje učilišče im. N. E. Baumana (Moskva, RF) [МВТУ - Московское высшее техническое училище им. Н. Э. Баумана (Москва, РФ)] {rus}
MW - Man Week /also Man-Week/ {eng}
MW - Megawatt(s) {eng}
mW - megawatt(s) {eng}
mw - Microwave {eng}
MW - Microwave (USAF) {eng}
mW - Milliwatt(s) {eng}
MW - Missile Warning (TW/AA) {eng}
MW(e) - Megawatt(s), Electrical {eng}
MW(th) - Megawatt(s), Thermal {eng}
mW/cm2 - Milliwatt(s) per Square Centimeter (DSCS; Pawe Paws) {eng}
mW/m2 - Milliwatt(s) per Square Meter {eng}
MWA - Maintenance Work Area (ISS) {eng}
MWB - Master Work Book {eng}
MWBP - Missile Warning Bypass (TW/AA) {eng}
MWC - Missile Warning Center (TW/AA) {eng}
MWC - Multiple Water Connector (EMU; NASA) {eng}
MWd - Megawatt(s)-Day {eng}
MWDDEA - Mutual Weapons Development Data Exchange Agreement {eng}
MWDP - Mutual Weapons Development Program {eng}
MWDS - Missile Warning Display System (AFSPC/DO) {eng}
MWe - Megawatt(s), Electrical (MW(e) preferred) {eng}
MWEU - Moving Wall Electrophoresis Unit {eng}
MWG - Maintainability/Measurements Working Group {eng}
MWG - Maintenance Analyzer Working Group {eng}
MWG - Management Working Group {eng}
MWG - Missile Warning Group {eng}
MWG - Missions Working Group {eng}
MWGS - Mixed Waste Gas System {eng}
MWI - Marshall Work Instructions {eng}
MWI - Message Waiting Indicator {eng}
MWIC - Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit {eng}
MWIR - Medium-Wavelength Infrared {eng}
MWNE - Mir Wireless Network Experiment {eng}
MWO - Missile Warning Officer {eng}
MWO - Modification Work Order {eng}
MWOC - Missile Warning Operations Center /also Missile Warning Operations Centre/ {eng}
MWP - Maximum Working Pressure {eng}
MWPE - Mental Workload and Performance {eng}
MWPR - Monthly Work Package Report {eng}
MWR - Mean Width Ratio {eng}
MWR - Morale, Welfare and Recreation {eng}
MWRS - Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Services (50 SPTG) {eng}
MWS - Maintenance Workstation {eng}
MWS - Mini Workstation {eng}
MWS - Missile Warning Squadron {eng}
MWS - Molecular Wake Shield {eng}
MWSF - Molecular Wake Shield Facility {eng}
MWTTY - Missile Warning Teletype (TW/AA) {eng}
MWV - Maximum Working Voltage {eng}
MWV - Microwave Radiometer {eng}
MX - Mail Exchange {eng}
MX - Massachusetts X-ray Sources (astronomy) {eng}
MX - Missile, Experimental {eng}
MX - Multiplex {eng}
MXB - Massachusetts X-ray Bursters (astronomy) {eng}
MXER - Momentum eXchange/Electrodynamic Reboost (NASA; tether; propulsion; program) {eng}
MXG - Merrill Expanded Guide {eng}
MY - Malaysia Satellite {eng}
MY - Man-Year(s) {eng}
MYE - Man-Year Equivalent {eng}
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business {eng}
MYP - Multiyear Procurement {eng}
MYTA - Maintainability Task Analyses {eng}
Myte/s - megabytes per second {eng}
MYVAL - Maintainability Evaluation {eng}
MZFW - Maximum Zero Fuel Weight {eng}
MZK - montažno-zapravočnyj kompleks (Bajkonur) [МЗК - монтажно-заправочный комплекс] {rus}
MŽO - modul' žizneobespečenija (cancelled; project; ISS) [МЖО - модуль жизнеобеспечения] {rus}
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