Knižní tipy

Při příležitosti festivalu Noc vědců s podtitulem Člověk a robot (27. 1. 2020) pro Vás vybíráme z našeho knižního fondu následující publikace:

Turner, Jacob

Robot rules: regulating artificial intelligence

This book explains why AI is unique, what legal and ethical problems it could cause, and how we can address them. It argues that AI is unlike any other previous technology, owing to its ability to take decisions independently and unpredictably. This gives rise to three issues: responsibility – who is liable if AI causes harm; rights – the disputed moral and pragmatic grounds for granting AI legal personality; and the ethics surrounding the decision-making of AI.

Nakladatel: Palgrave Macmillan [2019]

Elder, Alexis M.

Friendship, robots, and social media: false friends and second selves

Various emerging technologies, from social robotics to social media, appeal to our desire for social interactions, while avoiding some of the risks and costs of face-to-face human interaction. But can they offer us real friendship? In this book, Alexis Elder outlines a theory of friendship drawing on Aristotle and contemporary work on social ontology, and then uses it to evaluate the real value of social robotics and emerging social technologies.

Nakladatel: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018

Ford, Martin

Roboti nastupují: automatizace, umělá inteligence a hrozba budoucnosti bez práce

Kniha přináší fascinující vhled do rozvoje umělé inteligence, jež dnes v čím dál větší míře ohrožuje pracovní místa. Jestliže panuje obecná shoda, že v dohledné době mohou stroje nahradit jakoukoliv lidskou práci, která je do určité míry rutinní – ať už jde o práci v továrnách, zdravotnictví nebo například v potravinářství – Martin Ford varuje, že hrozby, kterým do budoucna čelíme, jsou daleko větší.

Nakladatel: Rybka Publishers, 2017

Mayor, Adrienne

Gods and robots: myths, machines, and ancient dreams of technology

A groundbreaking account of the earliest expressions of the timeless impulse to create artificial life, Gods and Robots reveals how some of today’s most advanced innovations in robotics and AI were foreshadowed in ancient myth—and how science has always been driven by imagination. This is mythology for the age of AI.

Nakladatel: Princeton University Press [2018]

A treatise on good robots

This volume investigates the ways emerging technologies in the fields of robotics and bio-robotics are influencing society. It necessarily considers both philosophical and technological study of robots, including what it means for robots to exist as good and moral entities, and how they benefit humans and enhance their quality of life. Contributors address artificial intelligence and social functions as well as technical matters.

Nakladatel: Transaction Publishers, c2014

The robotics divide: a new frontier in the 21st century?

Analyzes how robotics will shape our societies in the twenty-first century; a time when industrial and service robotics, particularly for military and aerospace purposes, will become an essential technology. Examines an emerging divide: the “robotics divide”; a phenomenon linked to the model to integrate advanced robotics in economic, social and military spheres. Focuses on the main technological trends in the field of robotics, and the impact that robotics will have on different facets of social life.

Nakladatel: Springer, 2014

Nanorobotics: current approaches and techniques

Discusses the history, current state, and future challenges in nanorobotics. Covers the latest in nanorobotic manipulation in biology and medicine including topics such as bio-nano-electromechanical systems, cell nanosurgery using nanorobotic manipulation. Presents material on nanorobotic sensing, navigation and swarm behavior. Provides research in the emerging field of protein and DNA-based nanorobotics.

Nakladatel: Springer, 2013

Robot ethics 2.0: from autonomous cars to artificial intelligence

The robot population is rising on Earth and other planets. (Mars is inhabited entirely by robots.) As robots slip into more domains of human life – from the operating room to the bedroom – they take on our morally important tasks and decisions, as well as create new risks from psychological to physical. This makes it all the more urgent to study their ethical, legal, and policy impacts.

Nakladatel: Oxford University Press [2017]

Virtual humans: today and tomorrow

Virtual Humans provides a much-needed definition of what constitutes a ‘virtual human’ and places virtual humans within the wider context of Artificial Intelligence development. It explores the technical approaches to creating a virtual human, as well as emergent issues such as embodiment, identity, agency and digital immortality, and the resulting ethical challenges. The book presents an overview of current research and practice in this area, and outlines the major challenges faced by today’s developers and researchers.

Nakladatel: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group [2019]