The Internet in the study

The closure of the library in the summer 2020 might affect the specific services. More info »

You can connect to the Internet in our study using Wi-Fi or the Eduroam network. After connecting to our Wi-Fi, you can use the application MyQ for black-and-white and colour printing in A4 and A3 formats. We are merely a connection provider in the case of Eduroam. You must use the details provided by your faculty to set up this connection.

You can find information on the provision of the wireless Internet connection designed both for our registered users and for visitors who purchase a one-day pass with access to the Internet in our Library Regulations. There is no time limit to the use of the Internet in the study and no charge is made for it.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

How to print using Wi-Fi

  • Enter credit on your account or borrow a chip at the loans counter.
  • Select your desired print parameters (number of pages, black-and-white/colour, etc.).

Transmission speed

The transmission speed is optimised for the use of the connection to access freely available data of an academic nature on the Internet and the use of the library’s electronic information resources. It may take tens of minutes to download study materials with a large data volume (e.g. videos).