Online registration to membership for remote access to EIR

Registration form

  • user account (password and contact details change, access to EIR without another authentication)
  • remote access to electronic information resources (EIR)
  • without a library card
  • registration for 1 year
  • the possibility of upgrading the membership to off-site or on-site type during a personal visit in LCAS (fees: registration of your own chip card – free / LCAS card – 50 CZK)

Required documents, fee

  • digital copy of both sides of an identity card (CR) / digital copy of both sides of a residence permit (CR)
  • a year (365 days) – 150 CZK

To register without your personal presence in the library, we also need

  • verify the authenticity of the application via SMS and e-mail
  • verify your identity by paying a fee from your personal bank account

Full information on on-line registration and membership.

Membership – online registration for remote access

Only natural persons may register for membership for remote access.


Legal basis: performance of a contract

Adress in the Czech Republic

Czech citizens should state the address given on their identity card; foreigners should state the address given in their permit for residence in the Czech Republic.

During online registration, the LCAS uses e-mail and SMS to verify the authenticity of applications received. E-mail also serves for the sending of information regarding the approaching end of your registration period. The identity of an applicant is verified by means of payment of the registration fee which must be paid from a bank account kept in the name of the applicant.

The LCAS will be unable to perform your registration online without these verifications. Should you be unable to satisfy any of the given conditions of verification, please use correspondence or personal registration for registration/extension of membership for remote access.


The provision of advantageous membership is conditional to verification of your employment with the CAS. The LCAS will verify your employment through your work e-mail address, i.e. your e-mail address with the domain of a unit of the CAS. Should you not have a work e-mail address, please attach a copy of your employee pass or a completed confirmation with your application. Such copies of employee passes and attached verifications are erased without delay after you collect your log-on details.


Legal basis: agreement to processing

Czech citizens should attach a copy of their identity card, foreigners should attach a copy of their residence permit with their legible forename and surname, date of birth and address in the Czech Republic, and legible data on their identity document to the extent of its type, validity and number (the number of their identity document must be legible on all its copied pages).

Copies of your identity document serve to verify the accuracy and completeness of the basic identification data you state on your form and are erased without delay after your registration fee has been credited to the LCAS bank account (or following collection of log-on details in the case of employees of the CAS). The LCAS will be unable to perform your registration without the verification of your personal data. The LCAS will be unable to perform your registration without the verification of your personal data.

Upload a digital copy of residence permit stating place of residence within the Czech Republic

LCAS use only

  • Identity document: type, number, state
  • Type and registration number
  • Verification

You can find information on the processing of your personal data in section 2.9 of the Library Regulations and at


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