Searching for books in the online catalogue


Enter the catalogue

Enter the expression you are searching for on the line “enter a word or phrase” (see picture 1).

Picture 1

You can enter the name of an author, part of a title, key words or a combination of any of these, in which case all documents whose record includes at least one of the given pieces of information will be displayed.

On the line “field for search” you can choose an area for searching (words from title information, author, subject), in which case you should enter specific information on the line “enter word or phrase” corresponding to the selected area.

When the search is completed, the inquiry results will be displayed according to the year of publication (starting with the most recent). Clicking on the link “Title” or “Author” in the column description will display the inquiry results alphabetically according to the selected area.

In the section “Restrict search to” you can specify the document language and a range of years of publication.

If you cannot find the document you are looking for and would like to check its availability, you can contact the information service of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences: