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Own place in study

Do you dream of your own place in our library? The kind of place you can have all to yourself where you can leave the things you would otherwise have to carry around with you all the time? Lease one … Read more »

Summer opening hours and library closure

From 5 to 9 July and 29 July to 10 September 2017 the loan services won’t be available and the main study will be closed. On other days the study will be operating as usual
(Mo-Fri, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.). Read more »

Special Spring EOD Offer

Order an EOD ebook during two weeks from 15 to 28 May from the collection of more than 1,4 mil. documents from LASCR and other 10 European libraries.
You‘ll get 50 % discount for any other order from the same library.
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Bookbinding departement closed

From 27 to 31 March 2017 the bookbinding departement will be closed. Reprographic centre will operate as usual.
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New from 1. 1. 2017 – loaning books from the freely accessible library holdings

We would draw the attention of users to the introduction of a new option for loaning documents – this new development is the possibility of loaning selected titles from the freely accessible library holdings marked with shelf marks I 01–I 25 and taking them off the study premises. Read more »

Book digitization discount

To celebrate the 700th anniversary of Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV’s birthday, we offer you digitization of any book published between the years 1500–1900 only for 10 EUR.
The discount is valid until June 14th 2016.
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Gale Artemis trial

Until May 31, 2016 you can use a trial access to the Gale Artemis Primary Sources database, that contains 8 primary sources focused on humanities. Within the trial you can also try the NewsVault database that contains over 10 million digitized facsimile pages of Gale historical newspapers.
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Changes in how library services are provided

Dear users, in connection with the changes in the provision of some services, the new version of the Library Regulations of the Library of AS CR, v. v. i., becomes effective on 1st September 2015.
What’s new:
– Speedier processing of requests
– Off-site loan period extended automatically
– Pay fees online
– Membership for remote access extended online
– Wireless Internet connection available for visitors
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Information about restrictions of the operation of the study room

Dear Library Users, Use of the study will be partly or completely restricted at the following times in view of the holding of the Science and Technology Week at the Academy of Sciences Library. Thank you for understanding. Read more »