Catalogues of ASL


Cataogue of printed and electronic Books and printed Journals

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  • Almost 500,000 books – 150,000 electronic books – 22,000 magazine titles.

Catalogue of Books

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  • For registered users, the possibility of online ordering, reservations, and loan extensions.
  • All titles the library acquired since 1993 (older documents are being re-catalogued).
  • A total of nearly 500,000 physical volumes.

Catalogue of Journals

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  • An online ordering option.
  • Contains all journal titles from the ASL collection.
  • A total of approximately 22,000 titles of (printed) journals.

ASL Portal for Electronic Journals and Books

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    Provides access to electronic journals at ASL (about 30,000 titles). The portal allows users to search for titles of journals available online in databases under subscription, and in some selected, freely accessible digital archives. The offer of additional services (SFX Menu) may be accepted through the SFX icon for a given title.
    ASL Portal also allows to search for electronic books in the ASL collection.