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The Digital Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences primarily contains digitalised periodicals and monographs produced by the Czech Academy of Sciences and its precursors. The majority of these documents were published in the 20th century, though some date back as far as the 18th century. These documents are largely the result of digitalisation performed at the Digitalisation Centre of the Library of the CAS. The Digital Library of the CAS also contains documents created directly in digital form (they are accessible on the digital library interface in PDF format). These are more recent articles from specialist periodicals published largely by units of the CAS that come directly from the editorial boards of individual journals.

Without logging in you can find:

  • free (publicly accessible) works
    The full texts of documents that are so-called free from the copyright law point of view, otherwise also not protected by copyright. If more than 70 years have passed since the death of all authors (author, illustrator, editor, …), the work becomes freely accessible from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. All these works are easily accessible from the Kramerius interface.
  • documents accessible on the basis of contracts concluded with their owners.
    These are the documents for which a contract with their publisher (or other owner of the rights to the document) allows us to make them available before the expiration of 70 years from the death of the authors. These are mainly journals published by the institutes of the CAS and associated scientific societies or journals that send data via the Library of the CAS, for example to the CEJSH

After logging in, which is possible here, you can also find:

  • out of commerce works (works not available on the market, so-called DNNT)
    These are documents that are protected by copyright law (ie 70 years have not passed since the author’s death), but which are not available on the market, including other editions, possibly modified or electronic. A list of works not available on the market is available here.

    Logged-in users have access to the DNNT collection:

    • monographs published before the year 2000,
    • periodicals published until 2010.

In the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the following are also available on dedicated computers in the study room:

  • all digitized documents of the LCAS collection, even those for which property rights have not yet expired according to copyright law, and for which we do not have a contract with the publisher or rights holder,
  • newer titles from other digital libraries under license to DNNT:
    • monographs published before 2007,
    • periodicals published until 2011.

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The inclusion of journals in the Digital Library of the CAS

Journals issued by departments of the Czech Academy of Sciences and affiliated academic societies and journals that send data to the CEJSH database through the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences are, first and foremost, included in the Digital Library. The Digital Library can also be used as an archive of older editions of journals. We offer the editorial boards of academic journals the opportunity of free digitalisation of older editions of their journals.

If you are interested in adding your journal to the Digital Library, please contact us via e-mail: dlib[at], tel: 221 403 253, tel: 221 403 254


The Web Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The digital archive of Internet pages of units of the CAS assembled for the purpose of accessibility and long-term storage.

The aim is to archive and make accessible to the public everything that has been published on the webpages of individual units.

If you are interested in adding the Internet pages of your unit to the Web Archive, please contact Petra Kotýnka, e-mail:, tel: 221 403 468.


Czech Digital Library

The Czech Digital Library can be used to look up content included in most digital libraries in the Czech Republic.