Space 40 (great encyclopaedia of satellites and cosmic probes)

Space 40 (great encyclopaedia of satellites and cosmic probes)
  • Type of source: encyclopaedia
  • Documents: registers
  • Format: text
  • Specialisation: cosmonautics
  • Period covered: 1957–2012
  • Publication language: Czech
  • Interface language: Czech
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Space 40 is a specialised database containing an overview of all successful cosmic launches from 1957 to 2012, with a description of individual satellites and probes and a concise overview of astronauts, launch sites, booster rockets, projects and accidents. Part of the database is comprised of a statistical overview of catalogued objects divided by types of orbit and functionality and an overview of launches with a large quantity of debris. Antonín Vítek, a leading Czech expert in cosmonautics and long-term employee of the Academy of Sciences, was the figure behind the project from its beginnings until his death.




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