• Type of source: bibliographic / full-text database
  • Documents: books / maps / other documents
  • Format: image / text
  • Specialisation: philosophy, history, linguistics, literature, religion, art
  • Period covered: unknown–1800
  • Publication language: multilingual
  • Interface language: Czech, English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian
  • Downloads available: no
  • Off-line loans available: no
  • Videotutorials (Czech/English)


Manuscriptorium is a digital library containing bibliographic records, digital images and a selection of full-text documents from historical collections – manuscripts, incunabula, prints from the Early New Age, maps, documents, etc.

Manuscriptorium provides a single interface for searches in multiple digital libraries not just in the Czech Republic, but also (thanks to participation in the project Europeana) in the collections of co-operating European institutions – libraries, archives and museums. Manuscriptorium currently makes more than five million digital images available.



Freely accessible