Bibliography of Foreign-language Printed Bohemica 1501–1800 (BFPB)

Bibliography of Foreign-language Printed Bohemica 1501–1800 (BFPB)
  • Type of source: bibliographic database
  • Documents: books
  • Format: text / image
  • Specialisation: history
  • Period covered: 1501–1800
  • Publication language: multilingual
  • Interface language: Czech
  • Downloads available: no
  • Off-line loans available: no


The BFPB is a specialised database mapping out the production of foreign-language printed Bohemica from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. The database contains:

  • foreign-language printed works from printing houses in the territory of today’s Czech Republic regardless of the nationality of the author or the literary genre (only official printed works are not described)
  • foreign editions of foreign-language works by authors originating from the territory of today’s Czech Republic
  • foreign-language works by foreign authors published abroad if their content, place of origin, patron, etc. shows a relationship to the Czech, Moravian or Silesian environment (within the borders of today’s Czech Republic)
  • the BFPB can currently be accessed in two ways:
    • Bohemica from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are published in the form of scanned card indexes enabling searches by author, by anonymous headers and by printers.
    • Bohemica from the eighteenth century is now available through the Clavius system which enables combined searches of records by author, title, printer/publisher, and year and place of publication. These concise records are accompanied by digitalised cards with a detailed analytical description and shelf marks of copies found.

The works of J. A. Komenský and Bohuslav Balbín are processed separately within their own bibliographies.




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