ASPI – Automated legal information system

ASPI – Automated legal information system

You can access the ASPI only via computers in the computer study.

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  • Type of source: full-text database
  • Documents: legal regulations / books / papers / bibliographic records
  • Format: text
  • Specialisation: law
  • Period covered: 1918–present day
  • Publication language: Czech / English
  • Interface language: Czech / Slovak
  • Downloads available: no
  • Off-line loans available: no
  • Help
    Guide available in the system


ASPI is an automated system for work with legal information. It contains all the legal regulations issued in the Czech Republic and the legal regulations of the European Union and European Community. All sources are monitored on a regular basis and the contents of the database continually updated with a view to amendments to the legal code. All preceding versions of the given regulations are available in addition to current editions. The service Legislative Process Monitoring also makes it possible to monitor a comprehensive overview of legislative amendments in preparation.

The ASL licence provides access to five principal parts of ASPI:

  • The legal regulations of the Czech Republic – czech regulations in complete full-text form from 1918 onwards;
  • Jurisprudence – rulings made by courts of all instances and rulings made by a number of other authorities;
  • Legal regulations of the EU and jurisprudence of the CJEU – regulations, rulings and other documents (decrees, rulings, guidelines, the jurisprudence of the EU Court of Justice);
  • Basic literature – providing access to specialist periodicals, valuable historical literature and the texts of selected publications issued by the publishing house Wolters Kluwer;
  • Bibliography – specialist books covering a period dating back to the year 2000 and tens of thousands of articles from specialist periodicals from 1997 onwards.



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