You can access the Anopress only via computers in the study. There is a connection limit for one person at the same time.

  • Type of source: full-text database
  • Documents: newspapers / report transcripts
  • Format: text
  • Specialisation: multidisciplinary
  • Period covered: 1996–present day
  • Publication language: Czech
  • Interface language: Czech
  • Downloads available: no
  • Off-line loans available: no
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Anopress is a multidisciplinary database focusing on monitoring the Czech media back to 1996.

It provides access to full texts of articles from the Czech periodical press (daily press, regional press, technical periodicals and special-interest periodicals) and word-for-word transcripts of selected reports from national Czech television broadcasts and national and regional radio broadcasts..

For printed sources (with the exception of the publishing house Economia) thumnails in JPG are available as well.

Access from the ASL
Remote access EZProxy