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Web editor and content manager: Marina Krahulcová, krahulcova@knav.cz

Conditions of use

the author of the entire content, including graphics, texts, source codes and all other parts, is the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library.

This work is subject to copyright in accordance with Copyright Act no. 121/2000, section 11. Any distribution is possible only with the written agreement of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library.

Copyright and the protection of personal details

the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library guarantees its visitors the protection of their personal details in accordance with Act no. 101/2000 Sb.

the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library does not collect or gather any personal details that visitors do not provide to it voluntarily themselves.

Declaration of accessibility

the WebPages of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library observe the Web Accessibility Guidelines (Blind Friendly Web) published in accordance with the amendment to Act 365/2000 Sb. on information systems in the public administration.

the WebPages of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library are subject to the methodical instructions of the Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic, the WCAG standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and the “Blind Friendly Web” methodical instructions (a project of Czech Blind United).

Web content is coded using XHTML 1.0 Transitional syntax; its graphics are created using cascade styles (CSS) in accordance with the W3C consortium. the portal observes syntactic and semantic accuracy. Text sizes are defined in such a way that they can be easily made larger or smaller using standard Internet browser tools (e.g. pressing CTRL + moving the mouse wheel).

CSS style for the print version is also an integral part of the web presentation of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library. All pages can be printed without restriction of any kind using standard Internet browser tools (as standard, the printer icon on the browser’s navigation bar, using Ctrl + P, or using the menu File – Print).

the arrangement and control of the pages is designed in such a way that the pages are also accessible to alternative browsers and for people with specific needs (in the form of alternative content).

Exceptions to accessibility

Certain data on the WebPages of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Library is presented in forms other than text or hypertext. Links to these files are accompanied in the text either by a notification of the destination of the link or by the pertinent icon giving an indication of the content of this link. There may be exceptions to this in content created before 2009. These are gradually being amended in accordance with the legal standards covering accessibility.
Formats of documents on this web:

  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free to view this format.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT – these documents can be viewed using Open Office programmes (free), while the company Microsoft also provides a free browser for downloading to accompany its Office product series.
  • RTF – can be opened or edited using most text editors.
  • ZIP – files compressed for reasons of size. A large number of programmes are available to unzip them.

Technical portal management

Should you find anything on our WebPages that does not correspond to the requirements of accessibility, please inform us so that we can eliminate any shortcomings as soon as possible. You can write to us at our e-mail address webmaster@lib.cas.cz.