Opening hours

From Monday, April 27, it will be possible to make loans of pre-ordered printed documents, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Entry to the loan desk is allowed for a maximum of 4 people. Study room (and related services) remains closed. More info »

Restoration of the loan services from Monday, April 27

From Monday, April 27, users will be allowed to make off-site loans of documents ordered in advance. The opening hours will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. The study room (including the computer study room, catalogues, individual study rooms and the research room) remains closed.

Books and journals intended for on-site loan only will be available to you for a maximum of 30 minutes. During this time, you can copy, scan or take a photo of the materials. Documents available for off-site loans can be borrowed within a few minutes using the selfcheck; you need to have an off-site membership if you want to take the books home.

For the health and safety of all, it is required to wear a face mask and gloves and use the hand disinfection before entering the library. Disinfection and disposable gloves will be available in front of the door to the improvised loan desk. Stay in the library will be allowed for a maximum of 4 people keeping a distance of at least 2 meters and it’s limited only to the time necessary to make the loan.
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Opening hours of the library

  • The library is open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  • Loaned documents can be returned into the book return box (Monday–Friday, 6 a.m. to 20 p.m.), which is placed in the lobby in front of the entry of the library.

Opening hours of the copying and bookbinding centre

  • The opening hours of the copying and bookbinding centre in the basement of the building are from 7.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Temporarily closed

Mailroom, letters and papers acceptance and provision of information