Until 15. 6. 2020 fees for late return and loan period extension according to the exception to the library regulations

Information about your library loans, due dates and fees can be accessed by logging into your user account. If you have forgotten your password, send us a request to reset your password on servis@knav.cz. In the email, please provide your name, address, date of birth a phone number you used when registering. After verifying your identity the new password will be send to you by an SMS.

Fees for late return

All fees for late return that were charged to a library account between 13. 3. 2020 and 15. 6. 2020 will be waived. Fees for late return charged before and on 12. 3. 2020 as well as those charged on 16. 6. 2020 and after will not be waived. Book can be returned by placing them into the book return box located behind the front doors to the building (accessible Monday–Friday, 6 a.m.–8 p.m.) or by post. It is not possible at the moment by return the books personally to the library staff.

The book return box is checked once a day after the library is closed (library is opened Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.), the fees for late return are waived at 17:30 at the latest. You can check your fees by logging into your library account where you can also pay them using your bank card.

Books returned by insured post are considered returned on the day they are sent. The books are returned and the fees waived immediately after the package is received by the library staff. You can check your fees by logging into your library account where you can also pay them using your bank card.

Extension of the loan periods for books due between 13. 3. 2020 and 14. 6. 2020

While normal loan period extension are still being done automatically, books due to be returned between 13. 3. 2020 and 14. 6. 2020 cannot have their loans periods extended in the standard way. Because of this all the loans periods of the books concerned have been extended until 15. 6. 2020.

If you need to keep a book you borrowed for longer, do not return it (all returned book are to be placed in quarantine for 3 days). Instead, bring the book to the loans desk. If another library user does not request the book, it will be lent to you again.

Loan period ended before or on 12. 3. 2020

Books due to be returned before or on 12. 3. 2020 had not have their loan periods extended. The fees for late return added to them from 13. 3. 2020 to 15. 6. 2020 will however be waived.