New version of the library regulations

Dear users,

on 17 December 2018 the new version of Library regulations becomes effective. The reason is the introduction of the RFID identification system accompanied by the introduction of self-service loan device. What does this news bring to you?


Those with a valid off-site membership, thus they can borrow books from our collection home, will be able to borrow books by themselves. This applies to all books which can be borrowed home and you have ordered them from depositories or found in the freely accessible library holdings. The condition is to have a registered chip card as a library card.


The selfcheck is placed in the study next to the Information desk. There you will also find books ordered from the depositories. Documents are prepared under the code created of the first three letters of your surname and forename (at shorter names also the code is shorter). Mr. Radovan Happy will be looking for his books under the code HAPRAD.

For borrowing itself, choose the option „Check Out“ on selfcheck and follow the instructions on the device. Place the documents which you don’t want to borrow into the storage space right on the desk, those will be released for other users.


  1. Place the chip card registered as a library card on RFID reader on the right and leave it there during the whole process.
  2. Place one book after another into the space under the monitor.
  3. After successfull uploading of all your loans on your account choose the option „Done“.
  4. Choose whether you want to print a receipt with a due date.

YOU ARE ALL SET – do not forget to take your library card!