The replacement of library cards (transition to an RFID identification system)

Dear Users,

On 17 December 2018 we will be introducing an RFID identification system at the library. The launch of this system will be accompanied by a self-service loan device being put into operation and the replacement of library cards. You will, for the very first time, be able to use your own chip card instead of a card issued by the library, and will no longer be required to own another card that you have to carry around with you. It goes without saying that you will still be able to have an LCAS chip card issued to you as a library card.

Prepare for this change to our identification system at once and have your existing card replaced now in the form of:

  • the registration of your own third-party chip card containing a photograph and your forename and surname (e.g. ISIC, Lítačka, Czech Railways In Karta, etc.),
  • the issue of a new LCAS chip card.

The replacement of library cards with a barcode for cards with a chip will be performed FREE of charge, no matter whether you have your own chip card registered or have a new LCAS chip card issued. The only condition is valid membership. Your existing library card must be replaced by a chip card when the validity of your membership is extended at the latest, though if you want to borrow books off site you will need a chip card for the self-service loan of books from the day on which the RFID system is introduced onwards.

The presentation of a corresponding identity document will continue to be required for registration, the extension of registration and the issue of a new card.