Own place in study

Do you dream of your own place in our library? The kind of place you can have all to yourself where you can leave the things you would otherwise have to carry around with you all the time? Lease one of our eight individual studies, which we have built during the summer closure of the library.

A new version of the Library Regulations of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences is to come into force on 1 September 2017 in connection with the commencement of operation of individual studies and the transition of the computer study to self-service operations.

You can acquaint yourselves with these new Library Regulations at www.knav.cz/library-regulations.


It often proved impossible to find a vacant study position at the library, and so we have adapted part of the area reserved for the storage of library holdings into eight single individual studies* which registered users will be able to lease for a fee for a period of one, five or twenty days from October. What’s more, during September they are free for everyone – so try them out!

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There’s no need to lose valuable time registering with staff. You can use your daily limit just as you need, you can print in colour, and thanks to the new operating system data of a personal nature is given even greater protection.

So how does the computer study operate since the library has reopened? When you get to the study you can just sit down at any available computer and log on in the same way you log on to your user’s account or by using the details on a one-day pass with access to the Internet.

The standard daily limit (120 minutes) for work on computer will begin to run when you log on. There are no further restrictions to the use of this limit and you can interrupt it at any time by logging off from the computer. During daily opening hours at the study you can use your daily limit until it is exhausted entirely as you wish and leave the study and return to it when you wish and log off and log on again later.

You will be notified of the approaching end to your daily limit 10 minutes and 3 minutes in advance by means of a message on the monitor. You will be automatically logged off at the moment at which your daily limit is exhausted. This means that your work on the computer will be terminated at this time and all traces of your activity will be erased, meaning that no one else will have access to your data. All data will also be erased whenever you log off manually and also when the computer is switched off at the end of opening hours. Don’t count on your data “being there somewhere” as all data is erased completely, automatically and irretrievably. Do not forget to save your work regularly on your own USB disk, or send it by e-mail or print it out.

Printing now takes place throughout the computer study on a self-service basis using the application MyQ which allows you to print in black-and-white or colour. The keyboards here are brand new. There is also a new bookshelf here for the less proficient offering guides to work on the Internet and work with text documents, and it goes without saying that specific guides are also available.

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