The new Director of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences has taken up her post

Ing. Magdaléna Vecková was recommended as a suitable candidate to fill the post of Director of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences by the selection committee on the basis of the public selection proceedings opened in May 2017 and was subsequently nominated for appointment by the Board of the LCAS.

This proposal was accepted at the session of the Academic Board of the CAS on 18 July 2017.

Ing. Magdaléna Vecková took up her post with effect as of 1 August 2017.
She took over this position from Ing. Martin Lhoták who remains at the Library of the CAS in the position of Head of the Department of Information Technology and Digitalisation and Deputy Director for Research, Development and Technology.

In terms of the future development of the LCAS, the intention of the Director is the continuation and further development of the activities already operated by the library. The principal mission of the library is to provide information support to institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, thereby contributing to the achievement of high-level internationally recognised academic results. The LCAS should also focus on new areas and directions offering good prospects for the future with a particular view to developments in the field of library science and information science and the kind of activities operated by prestigious institutions of a similar type.




Ing. Magdaléna Vecková graduated in Public Administration and Regional Economics from the University of Economics in Prague. She has been employed by the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences since February 2011, and has held the post of Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Operations and Economics at the LCAS since September 2013. She has been charged with the management of the LCAS since June 2017.