Changes in how library services are provided


In connection with the changes in the provision of some services, the new version of the Library Regulations of the Library of AS CR, v. v. i., becomes effective on 1st September 2015.

You can look over the new version at

What’s new:

  • Speedier processing of requests
  • Off-site loan period extended automatically
  • Pay fees online
  • Membership for remote access extended online
  • Wireless Internet connection available for visitors


Requests are processed quicker

Documents requested from the Jenštejn Depository on a workday before 11 a.m. are now available the same day after 3 p.m.

Documents requested from the Jenštejn Depository on a workday after 11 a.m. or during a weekend are available after 3 p.m. the following workday.

Automatic extension of loan period

Loan periods of off-site loans are automatically extended 2 days before expiration. An e-mail with new loan period information will be sent to you. When loan period cannot be extended, an e-mail will provide details. If that happens, you are requested to contact the Library Staff within 2 days to resolve the problem.

The reasons why a loan period might not be extended are the following:

  • The loan period has already been extended 3 times.
    You need to return the document to the Library in the next 2 days; if it is not reserved, visit the Library to borrow it again.
  • Your membership is about to expire or it has already expired.
    If your membership will soon be, or already is expired, please return the document. Should you need it to complete your studies, you can extend your membership. If it not reserved, we will again extend the loan period.
  • Another user has reserved the document.
    When another user has reserved the document, you are requested to return it within 2 days. If you still need it, you can reserve it again.
  • The loan period of the document has expired.
    After expiration of the loan period, please return the document as soon as possible and pay the fee. If it is not reserved, you can borrow it again.
  • You have unpaid fees on your account.
    Unpaid fees can be paid online with your credit card. Click the link in the Fee section of your user account which directs you to a secure payment gateway. Late return fees cannot be paid online until the document is returned.

Online fee payment

Fees can be paid with your credit card. Clicking on the link in the Fee section of your user account directs you to a secure payment gateway. Until the document is returned, late return fees cannot be paid online. Note that fees increase each day until the document is returned and fees are paid.

Online extension of membership for remote access

You can now extend your registration for remote access on our WebPages without the need of visit the Library. Fill in the appropriate form at: and follow the instructions for each step. You need your mobile phone and access to your e-mail. After the registration fee is paid from your account, the extension is completed.

Your name needs to be declared in our bank account statement. Your employer cannot pay the fee and you cannot use online payment with credit card in this case either.

Your co-workers, friends or acquaintances can register using the same form.

Wireless Internet connection for visitors

Wireless Internet access is now available to non-registered users with a one-day pass. The cost has been reduced.