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The Digital Humanities portal provides access to information sources of institutes in research area III of the CAS. Both specialized electronic information sources fully accessible online, electronic sources accessible only from the individual workplaces of the institutes and information sources yet to be digitized are presented. The portal further serves as a platform for the aggregation and presentation of information on current developments in the area of digital humanities in the Czech Republic and abroad.



Workshop on Digital Humanities and Current Musicological Projects

The seminar will be held in the library of the Department of Music History of the Institute of Etnology CAS on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 10 am

The foreword will be delivered by Jarmila Procházková of the Department of Music History. Activities of the recently constituted Czech Association for Digital Humanities (CzADH) will be introduced by Mr. Boris Lehečka of the Institute of the Czech Language CAS, who will further present his experience in DH projects (Web Vocabulary, VIDA/RIDICS infrastructure etc.). The newly developed database of musical life, DEML will be introduced by Ms. Procházková and Mr. Michal Cais, and digitisation of musicological bibliography will be presented by Ms. Jana Vozková of the Department… Přečtěte si celý článek


Return to ADHO Conference 2017

In Information bulletin (no. 3/2017) the Library of the CAS covers among others the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) conference, this year it took place in Montreal, Canada. Its main topic was the ”Access“.

Report in Czech is available here:


Digital Humanities and the Study of the Past – cycle of host lectures

Within the scope of long-term project Medieval Social Conflicts and Contrasts, the Centre for the study of the Middle Ages prepared semestral cycle of host lectures focussed on digital humanities exploitation during study and research of Middle ages and Early modern period society.

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Call for Papers (30. 9. 2017): Cultural Heritage in Digital Age

For the beginning of the year 2018, the Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e le Culture Digitali (AIUCD) is preparing a conference „Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age. Memory, Humanities and Technologies“.

Time and place: January 31 – February 2, 2018, Bari (Italy)

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Konference (1.–3. 11. 2017): Open licences, open content, open data: tools for developing digital humanities

Open licences, open contect and open data will be the topic of November conference held by Estonian Digital Humanities Society in cooperation with other partners.

Time and place: November 1–3, 2017 in Tartu (Estonia)

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