Basic Information

ASEP – Repository of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Since 1994, the Academy of Sciences Library has been the coordinator of bibliographic database ASEP, which contains the records of publishing activities of 53 institutes of the Czech Academy of Sceinces. The total number of records is around 250,000 (with an average annual increase of 11,000), they are divided into 29 categories, and 79 trained administrators of institutional data participate in their creation. Starting from 2012, full texts may be saved with each record. The data is published as an on-line catalogue, selected entries can be displayed in different formats, and the data may be printed out or saved for future use. This database is used to evaluate the scientific results achieved by the institutes, departments or individual researchers of the Czech Academy of Sciences, either in that institution or in the entire country. Within the Czech Republic, the evaluation is based on the results submitted to Information Register of Research and Development results, maintained by the Research, Development and Innovation Council